Friday, July 27, 2018

Rust ~ Post No. 18

Hilary, this post is for you! 

This picture is from Ceres, South Africa, taken by my peripatetic friend Jane, who has such a good eye for rust spotting. Jane was there in 2014 and forwarded this to me recently. So Hilary, of course I thought of you. 

And did I just come up with an inspirational phrase for myself: Rust spotting! 


  1. this car in black was my brothers first car when he turned 16. when he went to Vietnam at age 18, he left the car with me. I learned to drive with a stick shift, on the steering column. I loved it but had to give it back when he came home. I love rust to .. good job Rust Spotting

  2. Rust looks 'natural' in the desert or in some abandoned place. It's good, however, to know that rust can be both prevented and removed.

  3. Just think, once that car was the envy of the neighborhood.

  4. This old car must have seen a lot of history it it's time. I find it sad when people leave things to rot when they no longer fit their needs. I'd rather see them paint the car to preserve it's beauty. They don't make them like they used to. They were built to last in those days. I must be too sentimental.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. The entire car is rusted! And it appears to be yard decoration for this restaurant. What a great find she made!

  6. Built to last, solid as rock, and still lovely in its old age. Love it there with the grasses, and a good talking topic for any guests having coffee and cake.

  7. I love desert rust. This one's a beauty!!

  8. Oh well done Inger ... that's a great photo - I had an orange beetle ... and as it was accidented with me in - very sad! - but I was ok ... I expect it looks a smaller version of this one now.

    Ceres is such a wonderful place to visit ... I used to enjoy my trips out to the western cape ... especially to another town Tulbagh ... I'm sure there are lots of rusting heaps in SA (especially in the townships) but here there are a fair number around the countryside ...

    Thank you for thinking about me with this delightful post ... great tag line you've got yourself ... Rust Spotting Inger!!!! Cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks, Hilary, I will make sure Jane reads your comment. And Rust Spotting - yes, I'm glad I came up with than one.

  9. Makes me feel better about my own rust! :-)

  10. oh the stories both the old diner and the car could tell.
    and RP! ... that's funny. :)
    have a wonderful weekend dear Rust Spotting Inger! LOL

  11. So why is it that we are drawn to hunks of junk with the patina of time on them? Is it the stories we imagine they could tell us?

  12. I love it! I wonder how that car came to be parked there for the remainder of its life...


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