Monday, January 21, 2019

Barbro and Me ~ Friends For Life

I received an email from my friend Barbro in Sweden the other day. She told me that she reads my blog. Barbro, while we still are both alive, I thought it would be a good idea to post this to let you know how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate our friendship. I wrote most of what is below in November 2012, when we had been friends for 66 years. Now it is going on 73. 

Barbro and I outside her childhood home. 

I remember the first time I met Barbro. She lived on a lovely street where most houses were old, made of wood and surrounded by pretty gardens. A forested hill with huge granite boulders and ancient trees separated her street from mine. It wasn't far and you could walk around on a road at the foot of the hill. 

On Barbro's side, there grew a tree with a branch just the right height for me to grab. I could hang from this branch and play at gymnastics. I could swing my legs over the branch and hang upside down with my knees bent around it or I could pull myself up and sit on it. I was only six, but the tree was tempting and I would often wander over there and play. I was a solitary creature even then and enjoyed playing by myself. 

I met Barbro for the first time by this tree. We became really good friends right away and her mom was my best grownup friend for the rest of her life. Barbro and I started first grade together and spent the first four years of school in the same class. Then our lives took different turns, we went to different schools, she married early and had two daughters and I left Sweden. 

Our friendship remains strong and I always see Barbro and her family when I go back to Stockholm. When we see each other, all the years, the distances and our very different life experiences are not important. We connect just like we did when we were six. 

Since I was last back in Sweden in 2005, Barbro lost her very brave and very together sister, Gunilla, to breast cancer. And I lost Errol so we have both gone through grieving for someone we loved. 

Being friends for 73 years is remarkable; to sustain a friendship over a distance of thousands of miles all these years is a wonderful gift. 


  1. That is a lovely strong friendship and how nice to read about it. I have a friend named Barbro who was born in Sweden but have only known her a dozen years.

  2. Having a friend like that with a friendship 73 yrs! long. That is wonderful.

  3. I have friend like that too.
    these friendships are priceless.

  4. It is indeed remarkable! What a blessing you are to each other. And the picture is priceless.

  5. True friendship is a gift to be valued. And those years, my long time friend, we met in 1954, so 65 years.Those dresses, peter pan collar, puffed sleeves, and a gathered skirt, much the same here in NZ at about the same vintage. treasure your friends,XXX to you as winter gives you colder days, down here, we have a respite from the heat lately.

  6. 73 years is longer than most marriages- now that is a relationship of love!

  7. I really enjoyed reading this beautiful childhood story. What a treasure to have such a strong friendship for all these years.
    I used to hang upside down from trees too when I was young. We had some trees in a wooded area in the back of our house and I would spend hours by myself there. I still love my solitude bu i doubt I could hang upside down from trees now, lol.
    Have a good week.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. This is a very lovely and heartwarming post Inger - nice of you to share! :-)

  9. I know she will enjoy this post, friendship last over miles and years with no problems. I have a best friend for 60 years, we met in 9th grade. we live only 400 miles apart, but the last time I saw her was 2008. neither of us travel. but it is easier now to keep in touch with all the tech stuff we have... I always wanted to be able to swing my legs up and hang on a limb but could not

  10. This is such a lovely post. Friendship across the miles and years is a wonderful thing.

  11. I too have a friend like her that I met in the second grade. We will both be 80 this year. I love that you did this post as you know she reads it. A really nice way to let her know as the Golden Girls use to sing, "Thank you for being my friend".

  12. This post was a lovely gift to Barbro!!

  13. Such a heartwarming and beautiful post! I have a friend like Barbro... we met when we were 8 yrs old, and we are still friends. Our bond is mostly based on the past but that's fine with me. I know that Barbro will LOVE this post :)


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