Saturday, January 26, 2019

Notes From the Canyon

Good morning, it's a beautiful day in the canyon. I'm feeling a bit tired this morning, so I thought I'd sit down and write a few notes here. I felt great yesterday, got up early, packed the trash in the Jeep and took off for the dump. This time the trash included my broken DVD player and printer, some more cardboard (I'm so tired of all these cardboard boxes, but my diabetes supplies, some medicines, Samson's Chewy's box with his food arrive this way. I just have to limit the rest.) In the afternoon, I went to Joyce's for crochet group and got a good start on the baby blanket I'm making and plan to donate to a charity in town.

I fail to understand why there's a hall closet and a linen closet, but no broom closet and no laundry room or hook ups for a washing machine/drier in my house. It was built in 1977 and the guy who built it had a wife, who I presume would clean and do laundry. Errol fixed something in the shed for a washing machine, dug a stretch underground for the water drain pipes to a ditch where the water drains. That works really well. 

I have decided that since I have two good size closets, I don't need a hall closet. So I will make it into a broom closet. Everything will fit in there perfectly and most of it is in there already. 

This is my huge suitcase that went with me to Sweden the last two times I went. Like Russian nesting dolls, it has many mini versions inside, as well as a few other bags. Last time I went to Sweden, I went to bury my sister. And I wanted to bring back as much as I could of her things and other things I would buy there. I may have known I would never come back. While I still use and love some of the things brought back, dragging that big suitcase and more, around an airport that was not Los Angeles, my destination, and where we had to collect our stuff, walk for miles or so it seemed, in order to go through customs. There were some problems at LAX, don't remember what. Phew, I learned my lesson to travel light, believe me. Now the big suitcase, together with most of it's nesting bags, will be donated.

Dogs wondering what's going on.

As I worked my way through everything, I dumped it in here, my office/second bedroom. I decided to hang the clothes I want to donate in this closet, together with the clothes that were already in here. I was tempted to continue to go through the boxes that remained on the closet floor in the master bedroom, but somehow understood the wisdom of Marie Kondo's recommendation to do all clothes at the same time and then move on. 

I've now cleaned up the above mess and that's what I took to the dump yesterday. My next step will be to go through the closet in this room, organize the keep, donate, toss piles. Add one for consignment stores as some of the clothes, bags, etc., are in good shape. Then there will not be much more to do in the bedrooms, just some boxes to go through. But there's more, of course, it never ends.

Other than that, we had a huge rain storm one night. The winds were horrible, gusts up to over 60 mph, the house felt like it was shaking, stuff was banging, terrible and scary noises were going on outside. Faith was very perturbed and so was I. Samson was totally calm, snoring away at the side of my bed, while Faith and I stayed up most of the night. When morning finally arrived, I was happy to see that rain had turned to snow and it was white and pretty outside. There wasn't much and it didn't last. It never does these days. 

So that's a few things we've been up to. Oh, Samson is now running loose with Faith and me outside, well, they run, I don't do anything. I will take some pictures for a future post. He's so happy though, I should have done this ages ago. 

Finally, thank you for your nice comments on my bird picture. I wasn't fishing for compliments, I seriously am not happy with the fact that I feel I have about a quarter of what I need to take a good picture. The rest all has to do with learning the camera, practice, patience, and all those good things. 


  1. Your dogs are so cute. I am in awe of your purging, that is a lot of work.

  2. I am getting ready to move into a retirement home, so I'll have to do what you just did. Or maybe the kids will do it for me (under my supervision)!!

  3. I love organizing like this, and am doing so all week. It has a calming effect on me. I'm so sorry about your sister. Your bedspread is so pretty, and looks exactly like mine! did you get it on amazon?

  4. You're making great progress, and it shows! I went through all our dog towels and sheets yesterday and today. It feels good to get rid of some of those linens that are worn out -- Lets see if WE can keep our momentum, although you are way ahead of me!

  5. Hi Inger - so pleased you're doing what you want to do ... slow but sure - always good to clear out the things you no longer need ... so pleased you've got the dogs keeping you company and giving you so much pleasure. I'm now off to see the bird post - I nearly said 'fish' post ... take care and fascinating to see the snow - cheers and with thoughts - Hilary

  6. wild clapping for your diving in and getting rid of and organizing what is left. when I do this I always wonder just why I kept some of the things I find. I just remind myself the more I get rid of the less there is to care for. it is about time for me to do this again. loved seeing the pups today and your header desert is so beautiful. the thing about cleaning for me is I can't do it a little at a time. if I clean out one closet I want to keep going. some people can do one closet per day or week. once I start I just keep going and these days keeping going is exhausting.

  7. Seems a bunch of bloggers have been inspired by Marie Kondo. I need a bit of purging myself but the mood hasn't hit yet. Maybe soon. That wind had to be scary. Callie is terrified of storms so we can sympathize with Faith.

  8. I'm glad the wind storm is over. I can't sleep in wind storms either. The wind seems to pick up speed on the river and it gets so noisy.

    You have done an amazing job of decluttering. Your home looks so nice. It makes life so much better and easier when we get rid of the unnecessary clutter. I did the same last October and I need to do some more.

    I felt so burnt out this winter that I didn't finished tidying up but I'm sure I'll get more done before spring. My husband is a kind of hoarder and I'm just the opposite. He keeps bringing stuff in while I keep getting rid of some. He helps people move and they give him stuff he will never use, lol... Sigh.

    52 days until Spring. I better get going.
    Take care and stay safe.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. How funny, that's exactly what happened with mine.

  9. We moved here, after 27 years in our previous house.It was a heart-rendering purge. Still could comb through our existing stuff in our new house.

    Good job, it was hard, Iknow.

  10. Wow, cleaning out stuff that you don't need is such a huge job! I don't want to think about what an enormous job it would be for us... You are doing a great job!

    Glad to hear of Samson running with Faith :) I smile thinking of it.

  11. When we moved to this house (16 years ago) we promised to put nothing in the attic because the last move was such a trial. Now I can hardly get in to the attic, and the garage is in the same state - You are inspiring me to check out this Kondo lady and have a bit of a purge.
    I must have missed the bird post - going off to find it now.
    Have a great week Inger.

  12. Dear Inger, you are way ahead of me--WAY AHEAD--with decluttering. I've got to get busy. Reading this post gave me some ideas for how to proceed. Thank you. Peace.

  13. I really want to take a moment on your comment " I may have known I would never come back." Such a profound comment, and I wont let it lay there. It really needs to be thought upon.

    There have been many places I have been also, to where I stood there, took it in, and recognized that I too, "would never come back." One of those places was my childhood home...

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Inger, they really do have such important value!


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