Tuesday, January 15, 2019

We Are OK

winter has arrived in the canyon and I'm happy. It's been raining with a little snow mixed in for several days. Thick fog covers the mountains, hiding their snow covered peaks. Thick mud covers the ground and gets dragged into the house by the dogs.   

I know it's cold when I find Samson on the couch. 

In Sweden, we have faeries; my New Orleans relatives have something too, some kind of belief in the supernatural. For example, Errol had me sprinkle salt around this guy who had stolen his old truck and wrecked it. I, not believing such nonsense, did it. He was a neighbor and was on the sidewalk talking to some other guys. So, giggling, I just walked around them, sprinkling a little salt. No harm done, thought I. Believe it or not, but in the next few days the guy broke his leg and within a month or so he moved from the neighborhood. I was really upset and never did that again, for sure. 

Why am I bringing it up now? Look at Faith above. She's a fey dog. She sees things that aren't there. Sometimes in the summer, she scares me. I think there must be a huge spider in the ceiling, but no. She is focusing with such intensity on something I can't see. For the longest time she does this.....

Faith: Mommy, you can see my ball, can't you? 

The weather was bad on Christmas Day, so I spent the entire holiday at home. Not alone, but with my dogs. It was very peaceful and nice. Sometimes I think I love being home alone a bit too much. I caught up with my relatives after the holidays and my grand or is it great-nieces were delighted with their gifts. So all was well there. So important. 

What else? Oh, after the holidays, when I thought I was done spending money, everything that had not broken down recently did. Broke! First my phone. It just died. After three and a half years, after good money spent on it! 

Then my printer went. Well that wasn't as bad since they are pretty inexpensive, but still. After I installed my new one, the internet went. I tried everything, but finally had to call my computer guy. He charges a dollar a minute, but doesn't charge for the mileage coming out here. He determined that my modem was the culprit and fixed it for now, but said I should replace it. He also made sure the printer was set up correctly. And taught me a few new computer-related things. 45 minutes - $45.00. 

Then finally, my DVD player broke. Joyce lent me some movies and I couldn't play them. But she had an extra DVD player that she wanted me to have. So that was really great.  

I just took this picture. It's raining again. I'm hoping for snow. Last time we had a really good snow was Christmas 2015. We have had a little every year since then, but nothing like it used to be when we first moved up here. Still, as dry as it has been, one has to be grateful for the rain. 

Finally, I have been working on a project, not a fun one, but one that had to be done.  A paperwork project. 

I have also worked on getting my house the way I want it. And I'm still going through things and getting rid of a lot. But it is going at a slow pace as I have had some really bad times with my diabetes control. I finally had to take several days documenting everything, what I ate, how much insulin I took, and so on. Oh, and when exactly did I do it and how did it affect me. At the recommendation of my nurse educator, I also added protein powder to my diet to balance out the carbs better. And beans. I had forgotten that since I don't eat meat, I really need beans. And that, together with my research has helped a lot. 

Feeling much better. Will catch up with all of you in the coming days.

My dining area. More or less finished.


  1. I had a ceiling light fixture removed for that sum ($45). It took the electrician ten minutes only to do the job. He did me a favor, because after that I decided to learn the very basics of home electricity.

  2. I am so glad to see a post from you. I love your dining room, especially the white cabinet with the pitcher. Fey, a word that I have not heard. I had to look it up, and found more than one meaning. It is a good word! Animals can predict earthquakes, seizures, cancer, and other things. So why not see things that we can't as well. I do think that would creep me out when it happens, because you know something IS there, but just beyond your senses.

  3. Lovely dining area, and the table, is that maple? Beautiful. Animals can sense an earthquake long before we hear the rumble or feel the shake. Fey, is that from Scotland? Time to ourselves, no pressure, no rushing to appointments, that sounds like heaven to me.Hope all the tech items keep on working well.

  4. Hi Inger - good to see a new post from you ... I haven't been around really - having moved back to the UK ... tales to tell there - it was not easy. Anyway just about settled now. So pleased you're sorting things out - the dining area looks delightful.

    As the others have said ... animals are much more sensitive than we are - and they must provide you with much comfort many times when you're feeling a little low or unexpectedly cheer you up - delightful creatures.

    I hope the diabetes remains under control ... but perhaps a good thing you had to keep a record ... and I'm glad you're getting guidance with it.

    So glad you've got the phone and the other things fixed up now - let's hope the expenses are kept at bay for the time being! - I hope too ...

    Lovely to see the news and posting and for your sake I hope you get a bit more rain/snow ... it's about to come down and bite us in the south - though I hope we can avoid the mega storms they've been having on the continent. Big hugs and have a peaceful year ahead ... with lots of thoughts - Hilary

  5. Hi Inger, it's so nice seeing a post from you today. Thanks for the update. Sorry about all the things breaking one after the other but I feel worst about your diabetes. I'm glad you're getting some help to try to get it under control.

    Have you heard about the Moringa plant? It grows fast in warm and dry climate and the leaves are dried and made into a powder and it has all the amino acid that the body need and a multitude of mineral, antioxidant and vitamins. It's available on Amazon.com. There are a lot of youtube video on the benefit of this plant. I'm not sure if it would help but you could do your own research.

    It very interesting about Faith seeing things that you don't see. Does she make noises or just stares?

    I love the look of your dining room, lovely furnitures.
    Take care and stay safe.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. I'm glad you're well. other than the dreadful diabetes. what do you think of the monitor on the back of the arm? the first time I saw it was when the PM of England was greeting guests and had it on. I'd never seen one and wondered what it was! I guess it requires a prescription to have it.
    I love your dining room too. I used to have the exact same china cabinet only I used it as a secretary. I kept books in it and it was wonderful. very cozy looking! a touch of England to me in my home. then I gave it to my niece in law! I think (I hope) she's enjoying it! I hope all your breakdowns of equipment etc. are OVER now!
    and like you. I spent the holidays alone and loved every minute. we're having a crazy winter. hot then cold then hot. t shirts and heavy coats. though I love your cloudy day. at least for awhile! and I love little Faith's mysterious thoughtfulness. maybe she's just saying... "Mommy make the sun come out!"
    bless you three Inger. sending Snoopy hugs your way. XOXO

  7. I'm so glad that your diabetes is under better control. That's so important. You are smart!

    It must be super nice to feel the chill in the air after how hot your other seasons are. I love seeing Samson warm on the couch!!! -- And your dining area looks cozy and beautiful!

  8. I had seen where the West Coast is getting slammed with rain and snow and it is all coming east this weekend. You need it but we don’t. Mother Nature doesn’t care.

    It is funny how animals become fixated on something that we don’t see. It is often a small bug, but other times, well, who knows.

    Here’s hoping nothing else in your home needs repair, Inger. Those bills add up.

  9. no wonder you have been absent from blogging. glad to see you pop up here, sad to hear all the stuff that happened. Faith looks so much like BB in the bed photo. Big stares at the ceiling to.... I believe the broken leg would have happened anyway and the salt had nothing to do with.... sometimes I fret about you living where you live alone and dealing with diabetes.. I know you are careful but it is scary to me.

  10. Good to see a post from you. Wow, that salt trick packs a wallop. Don't think I will try it unless I am really mad at someone.
    It seems when one thing breaks, it sends out a signal to all the other gadgets that they can break too. Hope you are all done with that.
    Samson sure looks comfortable and Faith does seem to see something. Callie will growl sometimes for no reason I can see.

  11. Glad all is well and your dining room looks very nice.
    My computer broke and getting used to the new one now.

  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New year! I have the same worry you do- that I like staying home too much.

  13. Merry Christmas and Happy new year too!! Im glad that you are hibernating well with your crew. And yes, it is good to be keeping a record for your health- I sometimes I have to do that too :) Love your dining room- that ship on top of the buffet is gorgeous! xoxo

  14. Are you sure no one sprinkled salt around you?


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