Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Blue Skies

I have lived here for 13 years and I remember winters with a lot more snow, but not one with as much precipitation, an unofficial eight inches and more so far. I know that's not much, compared to the rest of the country, but for our desert mountains in Southern California, it's a lot. 

Much as I get tired of the constant sunshine during the summer months, much as I love rain and snow, I have my limits and was so happy to see blue skies and warm sunshine toward the end of last week. 

People who lived here before us, created this rock pile with a bathtub, filled with soil, in the middle. They planted flowers in it and for several years the annuals kept coming back. Then the dry years came and I gave up on all gardening. You had to. When your water comes from a well and you have no idea of its status, if it's going to run dry, you just can't garden any more. So there it sat, then Christina suggested filling it up with rocks. 

This is a work in progress. Joyce has permission to collect rocks from a friend's place and I have gone with her a couple of times. There is an astonishing collection of rocks just sitting there. Our friend passed away and I assume the house will be sold in the future. The larger rocks are here, the smaller all over my house. Remembering our friend who died and adding to my own modest collection: One rock from my great-grandfather's dry stone wall; one from the island of Sandhamn, where the Royal Yacht Club is located and the sailing regattas took off in the summers of my youth; and several that Errol collected for me when he remodeled a beach house for a client. 

Joyce and I went to an estate sale on Saturday. I didn't find anything there, but it was fun to look and we ran into Mary and another friend. Then we went and collected some more rocks. So much fun with the sun shining and the weather warming up. 

Then Bob and Mary came over on Sunday. Bob has several horses and years of knowledge and experience, so Joyce asked him to take a look at her horses. She needs someone to work with them so that she eventually will be able to ride them. 

It was decided that Bob will come and help training the horses. On Monday, I heard, panels were moved around to create a circular training ring, so things will happen soon. I'm looking forward to seeing how it's done. 

The skies turned blue, the sun came out, and I'm feeling so much better again.

Tammy: Did you get my age right? I was 73 in 2013, when I met the old men, so a lot older now. And not all that energetic. 


  1. I would never have guessed your age by looking or by all that you do all by yourself. you go Girl!!! at first I thought why rocks? then I realized you collect them, so that makes perfect sense. I know a blogger in AR that collects rocks, her property if full of her collection both in the yard and in the house... it will be fun watching what he does with the horses. and for us to see a few photos of what he does

  2. I see some very interesting rocks in that collection. I would be interested to see them individually up close. My brother is knowledgeable in rocks and has some interesting ones too.
    I have a small collection of smooth river rocks but haven't added any more to them. My little grandson has a rock collection of rocks also.

    I'm glad you are feeling much better. That blue sky is amazing.

    Seeing those horses being trained will be exciting.
    Happy Spring.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Stones and horses = both are beautiful on the background of a blue sky and green trees!

  4. My age is the same, 1940 was a great year.Love the rock bath, and as more are added, they will all have a memory to bring.

  5. Boy when you say blue, you mean blue.
    How lucky to be able to watch horses being trained. Hope he is one of the gentle horse trainers.

    1. Yes, he is, he loves his horses and right now is hand-feeding an injured horse several times a day.

  6. What a wonderful project to work on! I have a rock collection, but this also beautifies your property. And each rock has special memories. Beautiful blue skies!

  7. That blue is so perfect. Estate sales are fun. You never know what you might find, need it or not! lol

  8. Hi Inger - lovely reminiscences ... I can understand why you collect rocks - those memories. Gorgeous skies. Those horses are a delight to see ... and what fun to be able to go out and watch them being trained. I'm glad you're getting out and about a bit - cheers Hilary

  9. LOL! only 5 years difference Inger! and after the winter I've had I feel those five years added!
    I was always fascinated by that line "this is the winter of my discontent."
    I'm beginning to understand! :)
    this is a grand post. I have always had an affinity for rocks.
    I only have three now. two brought to me from a mountain stream in Idaho by my brother years ago.
    worn smooth as silk by eons of ancient water. one is deep blue. the other is like a huge dinosaur egg.
    and the last one... I picked up myself in London. they were doing something underneath the street.
    they had piled a big stack of dirt and such. I reached out and took a little stone that appeared
    to have been in a fire. a white cobblestone … half of it blackened.
    I think of it as my stone from the great fires of London in the Blitz.
    who knows? I love London. so this is my little piece of history. even if I don't know for sure.
    enjoy your wonderful sunshine! and NO MUD! xoxo

    1. I love London too and Richard III ...the winter of our discontent made glorious summer.....
      Hopefully we will have a glorious spring here with super-blooms in the high desert.

  10. Pretty blue skies. Too bad I live so far away from you!! We have rocks, rocks and more rocks all over our 21 acres of land. You could have all you wanted!!! :) Ken is building walls all over and has ideas for water features and much more.

    1. Thank you and good luck with your rock projects. I think rocks are so fabulous.

  11. I love the background...beautiful.
    have a great day

  12. The blue skies and sunshine do a lot to energize, don't they? I know it does for me.

    There is just something about "collecting rocks" for a project. We have the remains of a stone wall between our property that has fallen over, and when it's winter, I'll see one I just *have* to have, so I'll pick it up. This winter has been no exception. But I don't dare do that in warmer temps, so my collecting for now, is coming to an end.... for now. I'll look forward to seeing how yours turns out! :-)

    And I'll add that I love horses - But will admit that I admire them from a distance. I've been afraid of them most of my life. Crazy, I know! Or maybe not... ♥


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