Monday, March 25, 2019

Sunday Morning At The Ranch

Born yesterday, the tiny calf takes a rest in the sun while the herd eats breakfast. Bob and Joyce have begun horse training in the circular arena in the background.

While the cows eat, the ever protective llama comes over to check her out. He sniffed her all over, then stood there for a while, looking like he too was enjoying the sunshine.

Soon mommy cow comes over to make sure all is well, while papa continues with breakfast and Judah, the dog, keeps his distance. 

Not far enough for mommy cow, who takes off after him and chases him a considerable distance down the field.

Judah wonders what that was all about, while I get a chance to capture mountains in the morning mist.

After all that, I better take a rest, says he. 

I take a picture of the horses as we head up to Joyce's great veranda for a cup of coffee. A nice way to start the day.

My friend Carol, in the Central Valley, likes rocks too, so I packed some small and pretty ones in the smallest Priority Mail box and sent them to her last week. It was a surprise. She called today to thank me and let me know how much she liked them and how she would decorate with them. Made me smile.


  1. Nothing like a sweet, new calf. I like seeing the llama giving her the once over 🙂

  2. Hi Inger - life in the desert ... love the goings on ... and how wonderful that cup of coffee on the verandah must have been ... and great you sent Carol some small rocks and she'll be decorating them - fun idea - cheers Hilary

  3. I love each and every view of your visit to the ranch... sweet little baby and big bad mommy to protect. of course the dog is my favorite, the baby next.... bring on the photos of things I never see here. my mother would have loved to get a box with shells in it, so that means it is ok to mail rocks. ha ha

  4. That is a good mom, very protective. Lovely story of a sunny day!

  5. Love those views,and to be able to get so close to the calf and Mum is amazing.

  6. Ranches in the desrt seem to look alike. We've got a popular lama and alpaca (in addition to cows and horses) ranch near Mizpe Ramon in the Negev desrt. The views of these lovely animals, on the yellow background are surrealistic.

  7. sorry for the typo - it's desert not desrt.

  8. What a sweet surprise for your friend! And I love the baby calf and all the farm yard animals! Looks like beautiful weather to be outside! Enjoy your week!

  9. Looks so beautiful and peaceful, Inger. Like Nancy, I love the views and the animals enjoying life.

  10. Nice to see the farm animals.
    Waiting for my neighbor cows to have their babies. They are looking ready any day now.

  11. I'm grateful for the new born calf picture. I used to see new born calf very often when I was caring for them but it's been about four months since I've seen a new born calf in our barn now that I'm retired and we have sold the cows. I miss them but it was heavy work. I always had to be careful about protective mothers as some would allow me near the calf but there were a few that I didn't trust. They would get very agitated.

    It's getting warmer and although we still have snow, I can see tulips and daffodils peeking out of the ground near the back of the house and I saw my first Robin.
    Hugs, Julia

  12. Baby cows make me smile. They have the longest eyelashes. Cool seeing the llama doing a bit of baby sitting.

  13. Your header was the first joy in this post. Lupines are blooming!!!! Then, the calf... and the interactions among all the other ranch animals, including Judah. And what a sweet gift to your friend... You made me smile!

  14. All gorgeous cards and your Poppicrafts stuff is fab.
    clipping path

  15. oh my! precisely why I'm a vegetarian! how can one not be? I couldn't live on a farm. I'm too sensitive as it is.
    your photos are so beautiful Inger. I can almost feel that pristine mountain air! what wonderful friends you have.


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