Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Notes From The Canyon

Sugarloaf mountain and very green Rabbit Brush bushes.

When I first saw these flowers years ago, I so admired them growing in the sand close to the road.

They completely disappeared during the dry years, now they are back. It was good to see them again. Nature is amazing when given half a chance.

Most of the junk around here was left by others who lived here. This shed was a combination of other's junk and ours. Mark and Ronica cleaned it out for me. A horrible job that scattered at least a hundred mice every which way. One ending up in my bathroom. Don't know where it is now, I've seen no sign of it since.

They borrowed Joyce's tractor and demolished the metal part of the shed. Later they came back and cut up the floor and took the wood to the dump. We're saving all metal until we are done, then they know someone who'll come and pick it up.

The other day, the dogs went bananas, barking like their world was about to come to an end. I opened the back door and by their fence was Joyce's big chestnut horse. Faith dashed at him and scared him and his companions into a short, but thunderous, gallop. When they realized no harm was coming their way, they settled in for a snack in my front yard. A treat for me. Faith was proud to have scared three such big critters. 

Talk about being scared: We all are really scared and worried about the way the weeds took off after all the rain we had. As you can see in the background here, some of them are drying out and the rest will follow. They are so thick and so tall and this field, which borders the road is a huge concern. The fire risk seems to have increased by a lot. I will talk more about what I have decided to do in another post. Mainly be as prepared as I can be. 

Believe it or not, but Mark wanted the old tow truck. He priced it at $100 and he worked it off by cleaning out the shed I wrote about above. All I paid for was the fee at the dump for some of the junk. The truck doesn't seem to want to leave because Mark hasn't been able to get it on the trailer. I will miss it, but the more junk I can get rid of, the better. Mark's coming back to try again today, I hope it will work then. 

Bob and his three horses and the pony, named Pony, have now moved in up by the barn we used to own. I'm so glad to see it coming to good use. Pony was abused and gets stressed every now and then, like PTSD, and then she escapes. So that's why the electric fence is there. Maybe something will replace it later. She is the cutest little pony and I get so angry thinking about someone hurting her. So glad she's with Bob now, because he's a true horse whisperer and very kind and good with all animals.

It was so much fun to see Joyce's three horses get super excited over the new arrivals. When they came with the first horse trailer, her horses knew a horse was in it and went completely nuts. They neighed and neighed some more, then followed the trailer up the road at a full gallop, which, for me, is one of the most magnificent things to see, ever.

I also met the other guy who moved in to the right of the barn, a bit away. He seems very nice. It feels good to have neighbors close by, yet unseen by me and my dogs, unless we choose to go and visit.

The only additional noise I hear is when Joyce's horses are talking to Bob's horses. And horse speak is music to my ears, so that I don't mind. 


  1. I too get excited when I see something growing in the sand soil, with no irrigation water. We've got rain only in winter, and even then it's not enough.

    One thing good we have around here - the local authority of the Municipality takes care of the junk. A truck comes daily to collect the small dump, another one comes weekly to collect the big one. They have to do that, we pay a yearly tax for that.

  2. I am truly excited to hear you have neighbors, close enough but not to close.. i would love the neighing horses and really love the thunder of hooves. we have very similar flowers to these growing in the sand at the beaches. i love that truck and would consider it rust art if in my yard.. really enjoyed your post today

  3. It must feel really good to get rid of that junk and all those mice. I wonder where they went. I'm sure the dogs will take care of chasing them away. I'm so glad that you have such good neighbours but not too close. Having good neighbours with horses is such a blessing.
    I love those flowers too. Those white flowers are so pretty. I enlarged the photo and see some pink flowers as well.
    Take care,
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Good neighbours are like diamonds that shine.Mice, so glad I was not anywhere nearby, and junk, another's treasure. it will be great to have it all gone.

  5. Hi Inger - gorgeous shots and 'dialogue' of life in the Canyon. I wonder what those 'desert' flowers are - they look delightful, and as you say nature is extraordinary. I wonder if Faith found your hiding house mouse ... it'll be good when things are clearer ... and you've sorted the weeds out before the fire hazard becomes seriously worrisome. So pleased you've more neighbours and they all seem so kind ... cheers Hilary

    So pleased you're enjoying your neighbours ... horse-whispering is special. While cruelty to animals is just awful ... take care and enjoy sorting things out - cheers Hilary

  6. With all the rain, we expect some wildfire possibilities. Horses do have their conversations.

  7. You have gotten a whole lot done lately! I can imagine how wonderful those horses whinnying and neighing would sound, music to the ears.

  8. Lots going on at your place! I always like the after effects of cleaning up spaces. Glad to hear you have some nice neighbors.

  9. Horses are so beautiful. Poor Pony. Animal abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, spousal abuse--it never ends.


  10. Love neighbors who are not close but close enough. I enjoyed your account of the horses calling out to the new ones. That is a delight to hear and watch. So glad that pony is no longer abused. That makes me so angry.

  11. Horses are one of the most beautiful of God's creatures. I love your pictures and stories, Inger. Take care ~ Jeff

  12. I dearly LOVE horse speak too! I love when they call to each other.
    and that they get so excited to see new neighbors! in the wild they're that way too.
    you never see a lone mustang. they're in groups. no doubt for protection. but also I think
    because they just love the company and sense of family.
    I'm so glad little Pony is safe now.
    it's wonderful to get to see your 'place' (as they say in old westerns!) getting cleaned up
    the way you want it to be. you have adapted so amazingly well to that environment.
    you have a true... no ~ make that... TRUE pioneer spirit! hug Faith and Samson for me! xo

  13. It's so great to get things cleaned up and have good help doing it. Also nice to have a new neighbor! Love those little flowers and the green grasses! Enjoy your day my friend!

  14. The little white flowers are lovely.
    How nice to have that old shed cleaned out and removed. Wow that is a lot of mice!!
    We get so much rain here that I have ALWAYS seen the fire hazard warning sign say VERY LOW!


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