Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Rust ~ Post No. 25

My friend Jane is back from her and her husband's latest trip to Tanzania. She said there wasn't much rust to be found in the Serengeti, so she sent this from a trip they took to Italy last year.

I fell in love with it and posted it in my sidebar to keep there for a long time. Isn't it the best rust photo ever?

Earlier, she sent me this from Tanzania:

I love how they are all lined up in a row of stripes, drinking. A sort of dizzying effect, reminiscent of 1960's psychedelic art. I wonder if this confuses their predators as well.

It's very special to me to have a friend who thinks of me in the midst of her adventures abroad. Thank you, Jane.


  1. Hi Inger - love that rusty oven ... isn't it great - lots of stories to tell from that - let alone the delight in seeing the blooms - gorgeous.

    While dizzying zebras, or a 'dazzle of them' always a delight to see. I love Africa!!

    We had such fun last night ... lots of thunder and lightning ... but wait til you see my 'stripes' on our art gallery ... post is coming up soon. Lots of rain here this years ... we need it ...

    Cheers and happy thoughts on Sweden, Africa and your Desert Canyon ... and my green and pleasant land - happy days - Hilary

  2. Someone visiting Africa saw this scene and thought you would like to see it too. That's a cool friend! :-)

  3. That rust find is a great one. I also love the zebra photo. I'd love to go to Africa some time.

  4. the stove if fantastic, love it and glad I don't have to cook on one like that. the Zebras are zippity do da perfection. love the stripes all in a row and you are blessed to have Jane and so are we. I would expire from joy to see zebras in real life

  5. Aren't those Zebras see them in person would be fabulous! Love that rust! Just perfect! Looks a little like the doll stove I just got, doesn't it? Sweet hugs!

  6. Zebras, animals I will never see in the wild down here, imagine how swirly all those stripes would be if they ran in a line like that, and the oven, guess the owner has cooked so much in it and on the top, now a useful place for pots of flowers.lovely.

  7. Lots of good meals came from that oven. Shame it is retired. Those zebras really are dizzying. If I were a predator, I'd be confused.

  8. I agree with you about this zebra picture. I love this old stove, being used as a planter. This person is really clever!

  9. I love love love the zebra photo! I think that they planned out that arrangement :)

  10. I see that I never had a real appreciation of rust until I started reading your blog!
    seeing it now in a whole new artistic way. and I love it too! I've always been a great fan of Wabi-Sabi.
    you'd think I'd have had a clue before this! so THANK YOU dearest bean! now it's fun and beautiful to see and to wonder about the stories it tells. :) delicious biscuits on a cold morning. and a place to hang socks and mittens to dry on the bar running across the front! it knows it's a true beauty. it's proud now to hold flowers!
    and the zebras. oh my. since childhood they have always been a favorite! such uniformity there all in a row.
    and I think the two not drinking might be 'sentries' watching out for danger of predators? it makes sense!
    and they're certainly healthy looking aren't they. I'm so glad of that. xo

  11. Although I'm not a lover of rust I respect that some people loves it but I love the the pictures anyway. I'm more interested in the history of the piece. I can almost imagine some Italian mama cooking some great meals for the family on that interesting stove and the aromas and the chatter that went on.

    A great photo of the zebras. The pattern on them makes my eyes flicker a bit, almost hypnotic... God must have been smiling when He created them.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. that's exactly why I like rust so much. I let my mind wander and try to picture the people using the various rusty items.

  12. great rust photo and zebras are my favorite animal. I have three paintings in my house and pillows and even a beautiful little table with zebra painting on it. I love the photo~ !

  13. An unusual but great rust picture.
    A great capture of the zebras all in a row like that.

  14. Hi, Inger! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I LOVE the picture of the rusty old stove. I can imagine there were some great meals prepared on it in its prime. I also love the zebras. The stripes are awesome! ~Jeff

  15. Oh, Inger, I have a book recommendation for you. In case you haven't already read it, "Educated: A Memoir" by Tara Westover is a WONDERFUL book. That's all. :) . ~Jeff


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