Monday, June 17, 2019

Oh, To Be In England ~ Part 2

No words necessary here, except to say that the puppy picture is not good. I didn't want to take more because I didn't know the dog and felt she needed to be at peace with her pups. They were only five days old, after all. 

I don't remember her name, but she was a beautiful dog and the first Saluki I met in my life. 

What's an English garden without a ginger cat? I met two actually, both boys. There were also two girls, not ginger, but they were not at home. Or hiding somewhere, perhaps, as cats are wont to do. 

The garden went on and on and was ever changing. This is my favorite picture, California poppies in a field, a white fence with rolling green hills in the background. 


  1. Beautiful photos! Sweet puppy. Does she just wander around?

  2. That garden is so very beautiful and so are the creatures who live there.

  3. I love the last pic too...with the white fence and poppies! And that beautiful view! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Inger - can't disagree with your last pic ... very English - green! Having had lots of rain - it's green here - the tennis is on!! Gorgeous house and garden to visit - while the Saluki with her pups are special ... as too the ginger cat we can see! No wonder you love visiting ... cheers Hilary

  5. love the sweet grey hound mom and her pups. and the kitty of course. that last photo of the fence is just gorgeous. your friend has a lovely home

  6. Glad you identified the dog as a Saluki. I was struggling to identify her but now see it. A very ancient and not very common breed. That white fence really sets off the place. Looks like a relaxing and eye pleasing setting.

  7. I love the beautiful picture of the dog and her puppies. She looks rather sweet. I hope that you can give us more pictures when the puppies are bigger. Of course, I also love the garden pictures. Llots of potted plants to decorate the deck. It's all lovely.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Gorgeousness. I have never heard of this dog breed. I always love ginger cat photos, because we have one!

  9. Hi, Inger! I just read your comment on my blog. The weather has definitely been terrible here, but we are doing well. There have been so many people not so fortunate in our area. The flooding has been devastating. Thank you for thinking about us. I still visit your blog often, even though I don't always take time to comment. I hope you and the dogs are doing well. I hope that I can find a way to get back to my blog. I miss it, but my job consumes so much of my time and energy. I'm finishing up my second year as superintendent, and still haven't found the rhythm to manage it all well. Take care and I hope to hear from you again soon!

  10. oh! delightful! I have also only ever seen a Saluki at the Westminster Dog Show. I thought it must be a greyhound or possibly a whippet! such fine bones they have. I follow a blog that has a whippet. it's smaller and has that same expressive face. you can just see the intelligence in their expression! she thanked you for appreciating her puppies... only 5 days old! a mom can't be too careful you know!
    imagine finding an English style garden in the midst of high desert terrain! like a small oasis for those of us who love GREEN! lol. uh oh. too much exclamation point exuberance going on here on my part. LOL!
    (and btw ... just as you discovered... I'm finding such high humidity is not that great for my particular health).
    sending you love and admiration. you find the coolest places! xo

  11. Pretty dog. She looks worn out!
    Beautiful blooms.


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