Friday, June 14, 2019

Stockholm ~ June 2005

As promised, below are a few pictures from Stockholm in June. I have lots more, but not in this computer. This was the last time I was in Sweden.

 The royal castle.
 King Charles XII pointing East, Russia on his mind.

 Grand Hotel in the center; and a fishing boat, designed to work the strong currents of Stockholm's waterways.

 The Royal Opera to the left. 

 Old Town

 One of my favorite and perhaps best pictures.
Priest Street, Old Town

 The narrowest street in Old Town.

 Old Town Fish Market ~ Lax, is of course, Salmon and Sill is Herring, the most Swedish fish of all.

 I took this and the two pictures below on an evening walk with my friend Inga. 

 June evenings are so light and beautiful there. 

I think it was around 10 pm here. The tower in the background is City Hall, the three churches whose spires are also visible are located in Old Town.

Another favorite picture of mine. This one from an island in central Stockholm. 


  1. Wow!
    Has anyone ever been stuck in the narrow street in Old Town?

  2. So pretty. My ex-husband went to Sweden regularly for business, always two weeks at a time. He asked occasionally if I wanted to go along. I always said no because he told me all the time that it was very drab and boring. So it was one of those invitations that he made so he could say that he invited me to go, but he didn't really want me. I wish now that I had gone and traveled to other cities without him. He went to the same city every time. It wasn't Stockholm, but I don't remember the name.


  3. Inger, these photos are just beautiful. I know you must miss it. I need to visit.

  4. A beautiful city. Can see why you miss it.
    Wow there are some really narrow streets there.

  5. Sweden is a beautiful country and Stockholm has many delights. I enjoyed my visit many years ago.

  6. I have a few places on my "bucket list" that I'd love to visit, and Stockholm has been on it for a long time. And this post is why. I can totally understand why you miss this truly beautiful and unique city.

  7. I love the pretty bridge, and especially the shot of the boats underneath it. That is really cool! And that narrow street, I never would have believed it!! I would get claustrophobic just standing in it. Do you know the reason for it, maybe just lack of space? Still light at 10:00 P.M.! But I guess they are dark all the time in other parts of the year.

  8. Beautiful pictures, lovely memories. I hope they don't make you too sad... :-)

  9. it is wonderful you have your memories in photos.. you can be there in June just looking at your post. Sweden is beautiful and i love those narrow streets. my favorite is the really narrow one.. i have never seen narrow streets, only in photos. the places i have lived don't have any, although i know there are a few in the NE USA.. i can see why you miss it

  10. oh my. immediate random thoughts... it's SO CLEAN! it's as if everyone must be proud of their city and want to keep it the jewel that it is. and that made me think or try to remember... if it's called Venice of the North?
    I would love to see it in the wintertime too. because I love snow! it's truly a jewel of a city.
    Priest Street would also become a favorite of mine. (I wouldn't want to go any narrower though... like in the one photo!) but the light in that picture of Priest Street makes me think of the morning light that I always love.
    for an old armchair traveler this post was/IS a delight. I'm so glad you're walking down Memory Lane dear bean!
    and taking us with you!!! XOXO

  11. I was admiring the narrow streets but that one was no wider than a sidewalk. No cars I am sure. So glad you took us along on your memory trip.

  12. Stockholm looks like an amazing city! I would really like to visit Sweden someday, since I have Swedish ancestry. I really like your photos of Old Town Stockholm, and especially the narrowest "street". Looks like you could get stuck in there!

  13. Ooooh, I love Old Town!!!! GREAT photos of the narrow streets. So colorful. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I really enjoyed seeing these. I would love to visit this part of the world - so much beauty and older architecture.


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