Friday, June 14, 2019

Stockholm ~ June 2005

As promised, below are a few pictures from Stockholm in June. I have lots more, but not in this computer. This was the last time I was in Sweden.

 The royal castle.
 King Charles XII pointing East, Russia on his mind.

 Grand Hotel in the center; and a fishing boat, designed to work the strong currents of Stockholm's waterways.

 The Royal Opera to the left. 

 Old Town

 One of my favorite and perhaps best pictures.
Priest Street, Old Town

 The narrowest street in Old Town.

 Old Town Fish Market ~ Lax, is of course, Salmon and Sill is Herring, the most Swedish fish of all.

 I took this and the two pictures below on an evening walk with my friend Inga. 

 June evenings are so light and beautiful there. 

I think it was around 10 pm here. The tower in the background is City Hall, the three churches whose spires are also visible are located in Old Town.

Another favorite picture of mine. This one from an island in central Stockholm. 


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