Monday, July 15, 2019

Picnic On The Mountain

When Jeanne, Mary and I were going for one of our lunch outings, Jeanne suggested a picnic in Tehachapi Mountain Park. 

Located at about 5,700 feet and only eight miles southwest of town, Tehachapi Mountain Park provides a great escape from the summer heat below. You drive up the same winding road as when you go to the monastery, a place I have written about often. I didn't take my camera, so I went back to the pictures I took on my birthday in 2013, when Errol and I had a picnic in the park. 

By chance, we ended up at the same picnic table where Errol and I had lunch back then. It's nice place and I didn't mind. Instead of being sad about that, I have been so upset about my diabetes that I shared my feelings with my friends. Then I felt bad I did. Oh, well, such is life. It ain't perfect, for sure. The picnic table sits on the only available flat part of the mountainside, surrounded by steep uphill and downhill slopes, filled with amazing trees, tilting this way and that, some holding on for dear life.

The trees were beautiful, the breeze was cool, no bears appeared, although there were warnings about bear sightings. In 2013, when I was 73, I wrote this: 'And the place smelled heavenly of pine needles and all the wonderful smells of the forest.' This time, I couldn't smell a thing. If you make it to my age, you will lose a thing or two, so I'm only taking note of a change here. No big deal.

After we finished eating, we sat there for a while, talking and enjoying the cool breeze, so much cooler than below where the real heat arrived this week. 

Something else has arrived in town as well. After many years, many hot debates, letters to the editor of our local newspaper, pros and cons among people in town, after many EIRs, a final approval, and it's here: A Walmart Superstore will open in the beginning of August. 

We passed it on our way home. Since I wasn't driving, I was able to get a picture of the side of the building. It looks huge. I have never liked Walmart, but a brand new store sounds like a good thing, so does one-stop shopping, and the prices, my goodness, I checked them out online and was amazed. When you live on a fixed income, prices matter.

I had a lovely time -- a picnic lunch with good friends is a very good thing, indeed.


  1. You're right about the smelling; it changes with age. Even the favorite perfume doesn't smell the same.
    Walmart is a good addition to your region. You'll enjoy shopping there.

  2. There is something magical about picnics. I love them and don't have them nearly enough.

  3. I'm glad you were able to have a nice picnic and share your concerns with friends. I'm sure they were happy to know what you are dealing with. I never liked Walmart but it sure is handy to have close by. The prices are really good and you can find so many things. You'll like having one nearby, I'm sure!

  4. Sometimes loss of smell can be good. I rarely smell Callie these days. The picnic sounds great, food tastes so much better out doors.
    Think you will like the convenience of shopping Walmart. It is also the social center in my small town. You always run into someone you know there.

  5. That had to be s very sentimental journey. It is good to share our worries with a good friend.

    Walmart, no Walmart. Pros and cons on both sides. It is, however, good to have a place around where you can save money. They have improved their policies concerning pay to employees and promoting women so I will now occasionally order something from them around Christmas.

  6. yay for a new Walmart and so glad you got to go out with friends, and I think it is good you shared about your diabetes. I would have for sure

  7. What a lovely day, but wow, scary heights or sure. I hope your friends were sympathetic about your diabetes. Even if we have good intentions of avoiding Wal-Mart, they seem to rope everyone in!! We visit ours more and more.

  8. Yes, I don't like WalMart much ether but I go there! You can't beat the prices!

  9. I always use to go on picnics with the kids and we would find a cool place at the very end of the hay field by the water and trees with a bit of shade and it was wonderful. I'm so glad that you went on a picnic with your friends, Jeanne and Mary. You shouldn't feel bad about sharing your concerns about your diabetes. It is a big burden to carry alone and it's good that you spoke about it. A shared burden is a half a burden. That's what good friends are for. It's nice that you have a place that is cooler especially when it gets too hot down below.
    Enjoy the new week.
    Hugs, Julia

    Sorry about the lost of smell. That's a tough one. As I approach 73, I have noticed that my sense of smell isn't as sharp as it used to be,
    my hearing and my sight also are not as sharp as they used to be but my heart still love my kids, grandkids and great grandkids as much as I used to if not more and more each day.

    I only go to Walmart when it is absolutely necessary but I'm glad it will be a one stop shopping that is closer for you. I'm not much of a shopper anyway.

  10. I do use our local wal mart. One stop shopping just can't be beat and neither can their prices.

  11. Good friends are for helping us carry the heavy loads of life. I'm sure they didn't mind and was thankful you trusted them enough to share a struggle that you experience daily. What a beautiful landscape on the mountain. I can feel the cool air and smell the pines just by reading your description. We also are not fans of Walmart, but find ourselves there often. I hope you have a great week. Take care ~ Jeff

  12. Lovely picnic site. I hope all was eaten!

    WalMart in the middle of open empty land seemed out of place for some reason. Their prices are excellent.

  13. I'm glad you have good friends who listen and understand.


  14. what a glorious place for a picnic. and the way you described it I could almost feel the mountain breeze.
    I seldom go on a picnic anymore. and that's a shame. but here in windy country it's difficult.
    and the wind seems always to be blowing. once a co-worker and I stood in line for an Indian Taco.
    it's a huge affair (at least here) and the favorite of the art festival going on at the time.
    we spent most of our lunch hour waiting for that taco. we split the cost. (too high for two broke girls!)
    and we finally got it. we turned to walk back to work and it blew right off the plate! LOLOL!!!!
    we have several Walmarts. I use the one closest to me. their pharmacy is wonderful.
    I asked an older cashier once how she could stand it there given what we've all heard...
    and thinking that my back wouldn't hold up and did they treat her well?
    she replied that she had to work because she had no retirement except her social security...
    and at least Wal Mart HIRED older people! no one else in town would! I've always thought about that since.

  15. Hi Inger - that looks a wonderful place to have a picnic, with a natter or two with friends - just glad no bears arrived. Interesting about Walmart arriving - it's good and bad ... but that's life. Take care and so lovely to know you were out and about - cheers Hilary

  16. I know there are many opinions about Walmart. We have a superstore here, not far from me. I don't go very often but it is nice when they have something I need. I do all my grocery shopping online at Kroger's but I do know that Walmart is much cheaper. And you can do online with them too. That is the only way I shop anymore.

  17. Hello Inger ~
    What a nice day you had with your friends!
    The picnic in Tehachapi Mountain Park looks wonderful!
    Beautiful photos of the trees!

    Lovely memories of Errol with you on the picnic on your birthday in 2013!
    Sending lots of Love to you.

  18. Nice post and enjoyed your talk of the picnic and you seem so active for your age - good for you - ...and hope your diabetes is well under control.


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