Sunday, July 7, 2019

Samson Is 10!


Me: Dearest Samson, you are the sweetest dog that I have ever known. You are patient, loving and kind. You are the best watch dog, you hear everything from far, far away. And, as I once learned, you will protect me should anyone want to harm me. 

You have been ill so much in your ten years on this earth. But you have borne that burden with equanimity. When you went to the eye doctor, he put you on a metal table, put a muzzle on your sore nose, raised the table, turned out the lights and then shone all sorts of lights and put all sorts of drops into you eyes. You went through it all totally calm, you didn't flinch, you didn't move, you just stayed your peaceful self. 

Last week, you were at the groomers for almost four hours. Jennifer said you were so good the whole time, until it came time to do your tail. Almost four hours in, you lost a bit of your patience. You whined to let her know you had just about had it. As had she, so no harm done, she made you beautiful and clean again. 

You are feeling so much better now, but you still have to take steroids, in small amounts, which makes you hungry, so, so hungry. I wish I could explain why you are hungry. Sometimes, I fuss at you when I'm in the kitchen preparing a meal for myself. I tell you to leave, softly at first, then louder, then I may yell. This doesn't bother you, you don't leave, but Faith gets so upset when I raise my voice, I have to behave myself. 

And that's the only problem with you - you are one hard-headed Nordic dog. Maybe you Nordic dogs needed to be this way in order to survive under the harshest conditions. You are not my first Nordic dog. Maybe your ancestors needed to take charge, maybe they understood what to do better than the humans they lived and traveled with. Once a long time ago, when your breed was young and in the process of becoming. 

You are the best of dogs, my sweet Samson. Happy Birthday to you and many, many more.

I will always love you. So very much. ~ Mommy

Faith: Happy Birthday, dear Samson. And if there's any cake, cookies, or something like that ~ don't eat it all, make sure I get some (a lot) too!

Earthquake Addendum:

Friday evening, the earth out in the Mojave desert shook again, this time much more violently, a 7.1 earthquake near the town of Ridgecrest, in our county of Kern. I was in bed, watching TV, and the bed shook for what seemed a long time. This quake was so strong, everyone felt it, even in Mexico and Arizona. The dogs were fine, and I was too. So all is well here.


  1. Happy Birthday Dear Samson... have a wonderful day with your Mom and Faith. you are so beautiful, and I can tell from Mamas message to you that you are a brave and good dog.. Hope you shared with Faith and so glad you are all safe from the earthquakes and pray you continue to be

  2. Delightful read Inger - Samson has been one quite delightful faithful friend to you - Happy Birthday day to the three of you. Samson looks amazing ... while Faith presumably has her muzzle covered in icing and cake crumbs - bet you enjoyed those tasty cake morsels ...

    Good to know the earthquake isn't upsetting anyone too much. I've never experienced an earthquake - but in Johannesburg the underground workings used to rumble and rattle occasionally ... slightly disconcerting - but fine otherwise.

    Happy Birthday week ahead ... cheers Hilary

  3. Happy Birthday Samson. You don't look a day over 5 and enjoy all the pampering and treats.
    Inger, sorry you felt this last one but glad there was no damage. Hopefully, that is it. Take care and stay safe.

    All the best to you!! You look gorgeous and happy as always!
    Have a special day with your dear Mom and Faith!

    When I saw on tv about the earthquake I worried about you so much!
    Sounds very scary indeed to feel the bed shaking!
    I am glad that you and the dogs were fine and all is well there!

    Sending lots of hugs and much Love!

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday Samson. You look so handsome and clean. I hope that you left some cake and sweets for Mommy.
    I'm so glad that the earthquake didn't do any damage at your home. It must have been a bit unnerving for you and the dogs. Animals usually can feel the earth moving way before us humans. I thought of you and another blogger friend, Cheri, who lives in Southern California.
    Wishing you a great day.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Happy Birthday Samson! You are so beautiful! And patient too, which is something rare in dogs. I have forgotten what your ailment is, did I know? Can you remind me? Yes, I am ravenous when on steroids. I can just never get enough to eat. So glad you are all fine after the earthquakes. I have been through one small one, and that was enough for me! I remember it sounded like a train!

  7. A very Happy Birthday to Samson!! 🎈
    Happy to hear all fine after the quake.

  8. Samson, you will have a wonderful day showered with love in heaps, from home,from Faith, from Inger, and from ALL of us out here. The quake, stay safe, hope there are no casualties, the buildings and roads can be mended. I was not sure how far away you were from Ridgecrest, maybe too close to feel that shaking.

  9. Glad you are okay.

  10. Inger, I am glad to hear that you are well. I have only been in a very mild earthquake and that was enough for me. Be safe and happy birthday to your dear Samson.

  11. Happy birthday, Samson! I love pictures of you and the wonderful stories of your life. Inger and Faith are so lucky to have you. I'm also glad to hear you all were unharmed by another earthquake. Take care ~Jeff

  12. ¸¸.•*¨*•*´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤Happy Birthday to the most handsome Samson!! I'm so glad he has you, and I'm so glad that you have him and of course the lovely Faith too! Stay safe my friend - the aftershocks are really worrisome!

  13. oh that face. that smile. this post is happy and full of love and joy.
    I must be like Deborah Kerr's character in "Affair to Remember" because beautiful things
    always make me cry. and reading your beautiful birthday letter brought tears to my eyes.
    I have a friend with two small dachshunds. Papito has that same hunger. even more than his little sister.
    the vet told her to give him a green bean one at a time when he wants a treat. they're healthy for him.
    I'd never heard of that! she can also give him pumpkin (I had heard of that) but not as much. your vet would have to okay it of course. I would think all dogs are different... just like us! give him a huge Birthday Hug from me!
    and little Faith too. we have to share all the love! XOXO
    the earthquake is so scary to me. (yet another reason to be minimal. lol!)

    1. Samson can't tolerate green beans, but he gets those small, cut up, carrots for treats.

  14. Lovely boy, Samson. My Millie is on steroids too and they make her ravenous most of the time. She doesn’t leave me alone when she thinks there’s food in the offing. She also drinks far more with them. Millie is 14 now and maybe there are not that many days left for her.

    1. So nice to hear from you. Millie has lived a long life, I hope she still has some years left. My oldest was around 16. She was my other Nordic dog, a Husky/Malamute cross.

  15. Happy birthday to Sampson! I loved the letter. Dogs are so endearing. They love unconditionally... no judgement, just love. Very glad to hear all is well after the big (second) quake. We definitely felt them both here, but probably not quite as strong.

  16. Such a beautiful dog! I am happy you are okay after the quakes. That would be so scary!

  17. Samson!! Gracie is so very upset that she missed your birthday!! She is making a special card for you that will be our next blog so stay tuned... You are a beautiful boy and your mommy had so many nice things to say about you. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY sweet boy! Okay Gracie, now you can talk: Samson, my handsome fella... like Mom said, I am sorry that I missed your special day. Check our blog in about a week because the next one's for you. I'll bet you smelled really good after your grooming. I go in a couple of weeks for mine. Tell Faith Hi and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SWEET BOY!!! sending lots and lots and lots of licks and (((hugs))).


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