Sunday, June 21, 2020


Happy Father's Day!

To all Dads I know (who of course don't read my blog) to my blogger friends and all Dads out there. Have a wonderful day!

Happy Midsummer to my friends in

Wild strawberries

Midsummer night in the countryside outside Stockholm

Happy Sankt Hans Aften to my
dear, dear friend in Denmark.

Happy Summer Solstice to my kind and

caring friends and family.

Happy Summer to you, my blogger friends. It won't be a normal summer, but I hope we can find some joy in each day.

Finally, today is a very big day for me. I will share how I feel about turning 80 sometime later, after it has sunk in.

Happy Birthday, dear Mommy
Happy Birthday to You!


  1. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Inger happy birthday to you. Did you hear me saying that to my phone? I love love love the photo of your two pups telling you happy birthday. Until I started reading blogs I didn't even know it was Father's Day. Since Daddy died in 06 I never remember it

  2. Happy Birthday Inger, Happy Birthday to you. Happy summer to you and your companions. Happy Father's Day too to all the dads, here or gone.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Congratulations Inger ... love the Sweden photos ... and then the memories for all fathers everywhere. Take care - enjoy today ... and have a cuddle or two from me for Samson and Faith. Here's to happiness - Hilary ... xoxo

  4. Happy Birthday, Inger!

    I think 80 will be a very good year.


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  6. Happy Birthday Inger. I turned 80 last year and it was no worse than a bad cold:)) Ok that was a joke. It is not much different than 79 only now you have bragging rights. Hope you have a wonderful year in these trying times.

    1. Thank you and I I've been bragging for weeks, so a good thing I made it!

  7. Happy Birthday, this is a big one! My husband turned 80 last week. I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  8. Happy birthday Inger! You're catching up to me.

  9. Happy birthday, Inger! You are now the same age as Carol.


  10. Inger, you have reached the day before others of us who also celebrate the great 80th.I hope you have enjoyed it, had messages of love and more.Let those doggies pamper you with woofs and smothers.XXXX and a heap of Birthday Wishes from down in NZ, I have another 4 weeks to go.

  11. Happiest Birthday dear Inger!
    it has a nice sound to it. love that picture of Faith always with the ball! and Smiling Sammy! you're in good company! xo

  12. Happy birthday, Inger. I hope it’s full of beautiful strawberries

  13. happy birthday - 80 - seem to have the energy of someone younger. I hope your summer is great and stay young!
    i imagine the fur babies will keep you moving and young.

  14. Happy Birthday to you!!! A Summer Solstice baby :)


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