Saturday, June 20, 2020

We Are Back!

At least I hope so.

I truly didn't mean to be gone for this long, but things happen and my attention gets diverted. I've had some issues here at home. A few uninvited critters, mice, yes a common thing when you live in the country, those little guys get in through the tiniest holes. But worse, not one, but two juvenile Northern Pacific rattlesnakes. One in my bedroom, that one I had to kill because of all the stuff in there, where it could go behind and disappear. The other one was on the open floor in my other bedroom and I was able to take outside alive and leave in my field below. 

Snakes in the house made me decide to clean out and get rid of as much as possible from the floors of my bedroom closets. There wasn't all that much left after earlier clean ups, but there was enough. I found some items of sentimental value, but since they had sat there for years and never been used, I was able to part with them. Mark came yesterday and took all that and my regular trash to the dump. 

My Jeep has some issues and I don't like to take the Honda to the dump, so that worked out well.

Then I finally bought a new washing machine, an LG, front loading, large capacity machine. It arrived and I had to ask Glenn to come and fix some of the plumbing in the shed where it sits before he could install it for me. I have a huge amount of laundry to do and really like my new machine.

I'm still sheltering in place with my dogs. I want to walk with them as much as possible and found an old pedometer that I had bought but never used. It's working well and we are all happy with our walks. Faith still runs at an incredible speed, even though she's a bit rounder now than when she was young. She can also still jump really high, straight up in the air, something she does whenever I walk by their enclosure. 

I've learned the Walmart app and used it to shop there and pick up outside the store. My friend Jeanne goes to Albertsons, where they have some of my favorite things. And she's picked up Icelandic yogurts, blueberries and cut watermelon for me. Albertsons also has an app so I need to learn how it works. But before that, I'm scheduled for a video chat with my primary care doctor this coming week. A first for me. So one thing at a time. 

Snakes and mice aside, for me country life is still lovely. I mean, you walk up a hill and come upon this beautiful horse. She belongs to my neighbor Bob and was just wandering around outside her fenced in area. Bob has his horses well trained and they won't go far. 

Samson and Faith are OK. The weather is getting hot, so there will be lazy days ahead for them. Soon I may have to turn on the air conditioning in the bedroom and stay there in the afternoons with both dogs, watching movies. It has become a summer tradition for us. 

I hope you are all well and I'm looking forward to be more consistent with reading about your daily lives and posting about mine. 


  1. So good to see you pop up in my Feedly list! And good to see my favorite pups laying in the shade and enjoying life. And so glad that they have you to keep them safe. And them to keep you safe! Glad you got rid of those two rattlesnakes and I hope those were the last of the bunch. Yay for the new washer and for friends who come and install it for you. Online shopping may just become the newest thing and never go back to shopping but for right now I prefer to shop myself so I'm still doing the senior shopping hours at Walmart and have not ordered anything and picked up at the door yet!

  2. What a life of freedom your neighbor's horse leads. Imagine just running around in that wilderness! Well, you do. 😊

    Yikes about the snakes. You moved one? How? Did you pick it up?

    Instinct tells me if you get rid of the mice you will not have snakes.

  3. Hi Inger so good to hear from you and catch up with your news ... though dealing with rattlesnakes is not up my street - still I guess needs must. And those beloved little critters can be a great nuisance... finding places to nest and breed by the gazillions! Wonderful to see the horse ... and then your dogs - I'm so glad they're such a pleasure for you ... and you've got your walking organised.

    New washing machine, men to help fix things up, or clear away thing ... and then shopping - well done on the apps ... I've avoided any extra m/c time - even refusing zoom sessions. I walk around town and go into whichever shop doesn't have a queue ... or only a few people!

    I'm emailing you shortly - probably tomorrow now ... but will be in touch ... take care and stay safe ... Hilary

  4. It's good to see you back! Rattlesnake in the bedroom?!?! Yikes! I can understand why you had to kill it but that's too bad. If only they could understand! Sampson and Faith look good! Hope you continue to stay well and enjoy your country life!

  5. I see why you were gone so long! Rattlesnakes in your bedrooms, I would just die!! Do you keep an antidote there? That may be a good idea. You sure are brave, it seems you do not even get "rattled", ha ha!! Your washer sounds fabulous! How did you decide on that particular one?

    1. Reviews in Consumer Reports and a front loader because I broke my top loader when something got stuck under the spinner thingy and I pulled it out. And it was too small for my bedspread quilts. I think I will love this one, a good thing since I have a ton of laundry to do.

  6. Oh my, not one but two rattle snakes!! I've noticed a lady on Facebook that handles snakes and will come and take them from your house. I wouldn't try to remove a rattler on my own. So far, we've never had a snake in our home, but I'm sure one of these days...

    1. Thanks, but I'm good with snakes, I have handled many over the years. These were juveniles, so very skinny and about a foot long and probably couldn't bite me anywhere except my little finger, perhaps.

  7. Enjoy your new washmachine, Inger!
    The horse is a beauty, and makes one forget about mice and snakes.
    However, you should find a way to prevent a recurrence of the last two mentioned's undesirable visit.

  8. A juvenile rattler in your bedroom... It made my blood run cold even on this very hot and humid day. There must be more in the area. I wouldn't be able to sleep if I had a snake in my bedroom. You have nerves of steel to kill the one in your bedroom and and a very soft and kind heart to release the other one. Like one of your followers said, I hope that you have some antidote in case you get bitten. I know the dogs get their shot every year and for a good reason.

    When I was young we had big garter snakes in our area and I wasn't afraid of them at all but my mother was terrified of snakes. I was more naive than brave. They were not poisonous like the rattlers.
    I wonder how they got in the house... During the day or the night? Hopefully there will be no more snakes around your house.

    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. Nice to see you back and know all is well.
    That would be very scary to have the rattle snakes in the house!!!

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY today Inger ... I do hope you'll be able to quietly celebrate ... you've achieved so much through your decades of life ... with much love and many hugs - Hilary

  11. aha! coming late to the party let's me know today is your birthday! happy birthday dear Inger.
    spent hospital time and now am all moved into my new apartment. it's on the ground floor.
    no more stairs to climb to my front door. I'm loving it. but every bone in my body is sore and weary from the move and the copd flareup! just taking one day at a time.
    and I can't even comment on the snakes. in the bedroom. worse than snakes on a plane for pete's sake!!! you my friend are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! bless you darling bean! hug the puppies for me. xo

  12. I tried to send a comment through twice yesterday and it gave me the "broken" sign - meaning my comment wouldn't post . Anyway glad to see you back. i always enjoy your photos.


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