Saturday, June 27, 2020

Notes From The Canyon

Thank you for your happy birthday wishes. I really had to brag about my big day. I still feel young, or at least the way I remember always feeling, nothing at all like I thought one would feel at 80. Some parts don't work as good as they used to, of course, but life is still interesting and fun. 

Joyce and Solange came by with these fabulous flowers and balloons. Friends and family called, cards and gifts arrived,  and Deborah and August, my sister and brother-in-law, called and sang the Happy Birthday song in their lovely voices. I felt alone and a bit sad at the beginning of the day, but as the day ended I felt loved.

And the day wasn't without a bit of drama and comedy.

The show was put on by Faith, who, as it turned out, did not like the balloons! Here I sit with the balloons and my phone at one end of the room, Faith peeks around the corner, growls, then

turns tail and hides behind the corner. This she repeats over and over again. Meanwhile Samson is calm as always and does a little photo bombing, just because he can. 

He's become quite the photo bomber, my Samson.

I finally got tired of the drama and put the balloons outside, but this didn't stop her. She knew they were there and would have none of it. When I got really, really tired of her, I popped the balloons and was sorry to do it, but the weather was hot and I needed some peace. 

The following day Jeanne and Jon came over and Jon worked on my Jeep. It had a problem with its battery and something about oxygen, which they understood and I did not. I'm  grateful beyond words for their help. The Jeep seems fine now, I haven't taken it anywhere but around here, but I will. One of the highlights of my week is coming up -- a trip to the dump.

Earlier my niece and nephew-in-law gave me a huge contribution toward a new washing machine. This is what I bought, it's an LG, recommended by Consumer Reports. I like it a lot and I've never owned such a fancy one before!

Hanging laundry on my lines is still one of my favorite things to do here. It's so peaceful.

The other day, my phone beeped a warning message, the first one I've ever received regarding earthquakes. They have never been able to predict them, now they can with a very short window of time to warn people. It was for our county and said one was imminent, duck and take cover! 

I'm worried about fires, not earthquakes. I looked around for a place to duck, but found none, so I just took the dogs outside. I knew if nothing happened immediately we would be OK. As it turned out, the quake was more than 100 miles away, a 5.8 magnitude. I didn't feel a thing. 

But if the earthquake had happened right here I would have felt pretty stupid, still looking for a place to duck and take cover! 

As I walked outside on my birthday, I found this critter on my wall. I took it as a good sign.


  1. Wonderful Inger ... such a delightful birthday post; I feel for Faith - I too hate balloons and my mother always concurs and says yes 'she hates sudden noises' - still do - I jump here on occasions! Good old Samson - making sure everyone can see him. Lots of good things and a new washing machine - sounds very good ... and a washing line - wondrous!! Have a very peaceful and happy weekend ... and with lots of hugs - Hilary xoxo

  2. I must have missed your birthday I'm not sure if I don't remember saying happy birthday then I'm in real trouble because I didn't say happy birthday I'm going to look at the last post anyway happy belated birthday and I'm so glad your day went so well! And poor faith I know about being scared of things and she's probably afraid of the popping noise. You don't have to pop them to get rid of them you take the bottom and stretch it and and hold one part in your hand and carefully snip with scissors and it just hisses the stuff out without popping it and scaring them. Also I had a friend of a friend years ago that her five-year-old died from a balloon so the balloons are dangerous for children and dangerous for dogs. If they put their mouth on it it can pop and go down their throat and suffocate them her daughter died in the front seat of her car where it because she let her stand with a balloon and suck on it. I never buy balloons and I don't ever have them give them as a gift. Besides which if they go outside and let him go they kill the animals the birds choke on them. That said I know I sound like the prophet of Doom but I have to say things like that when I think it. I love your washer and so glad you got a new one and I wouldn't mind hanging out because that they must dry really quickly

  3. I'm glad your birthday was a happy one and that you were made to feel loved and special and that you still feel young. Poor silly Faith, afraid of balloons but not afraid of rattle snakes. She will protect you but not against balloons. too funny. Maybe she felt a bit jealous of the balloons. Who knows?

    I love hanging clothes on the line too especially when there's a breeze. I love the smell of the clothes dried in the fresh air.

    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

    Congratulations on your new front loader washing machine.

  4. LG products are good and reliable! Enjoy your new washing machine!
    Great photos! The last one with the hanging clothes on the yellow -green background - would make a nice painting.

  5. Sounds like you did quite well for your birthday especially in these quarantine times. Funny about Faith and balloons. That earthquake scare had to have given you a start. Those warning symptoms are great.

  6. Happy belated birthday! So funny that Faith is afraid of balloons! Amazing about the earthquake warning. I don't think I would know what to do or where to go either, but good to know you get a little warning time!

  7. Happy to hear you had such a happy birthday.
    Funny about Faith and the balloons!
    That sure looks like a great washer.
    As you probably already know, I hang my clothes outside when ever possible. Don't even own a dryer.

  8. So enjoyable to read about your birthday and see the photos. I love the colors of your walls. Too bad about the balloons but i can imagine the irriitation,....being hot and all. Nice new washing machine - wow. great. I still have one that is still working from 2008, a maytag. amazing to me.

  9. So glad your birthday went well. You are now officially a member of the Octo group! I'm deputed to welcome you. I found I had a lovely surge of energy after that birthday, a surprise. I hope you do too.

  10. what a delightful post! little Faith afraid of nothing but "hot air!"
    that picture of her peeking at you from the corner of the room is priceless.
    she faces rattlesnakes and other varmints but a manmade contraption that floats is different mommy! and laughing at darling Samson and his photo bombing! LOL!
    they will keep you forever young. they make us laugh! and LOVE is involved too.
    your laundry hanging on the line is simply beautiful. kudos dear bean. XOXO

  11. Tho feel loved by so many people is a wonderful feeling and the greatest gift to be given and received.

    I had cats who were petrified by balloons. I received som birthday balloons and could not bring them in the house. I hated popping them but I had no choice.

  12. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad you didn't get an earthquake!

  13. My dear Inger!
    A Very Happy Birthday!! Wishing all the better to you!
    Sorry my delay do congratulation you!
    Love ths post!
    I miss visit you!
    Hugs and much Love!


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