Friday, July 17, 2020

Canyon Views

For me, this is the quintessential country picture. 

I almost stepped on this plant this morning. I don't know what it is, but thought it looked nice and took it's picture.

We walk here often, but I don't see any dogs, not even photo bomber Samson, so I must have been alone. Just with my phone. I always take it with me, a sound advice for anyone my age wandering about in the "wilderness."

Another picture of my property.

And one from a friend's house with a variety of trees and plants that you don't see at all in my part of the canyon.

What you see though are these two.  Samson has a thing for ears and always makes sure Faith's are clean and healthy. 


  1. I'm glad you are taking your cell phone with you. You never what photo opportunity you may get on your walk and for your own safety in case you needed help. I love the photo of all the mail boxes, a good variety of them. In our area we have those big community mailboxes.I'm glad you included a photo Samson and Faith beside you.

    I wish you a great day.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I always enjoy seeing your Desert Canyon world and it's always beautiful but most of all I enjoy seeing faith and Samson! Agree with everybody else good idea to carry the phone even here in the crowded City I always put the phone in my pocket when we go to walk because you never know if not have to call 911 when one of us old people falls down and can't get up

  3. Hi Inger - it just looks so blissful - but I too love the view of the postboxes. While the new view of the Canyon is great to see ... and of course Samson and Faith - always loyal and always there. Heat - too too much! Take care - Hilary

  4. Good idea with the phone. Safety plus we get to see some cool pictures like that cute plant.

  5. That is such a different and wonderful landscape and I always enjoy your photos of your canyon.

    20 years ago, I did not have a phone. As they became more popular, I realized that one would be good to have in a car because I am directionally handicapped. Now I take it with me everywhere, because you never know what will come up.

  6. I love that mailbox picture. I think you've posted it before. That is a cute little plant!

    1. These are different mailboxes, how amazing you remembered!

  7. Except for summer I would enjoy walking around there - ...there is something about ...okay I think you are considered "high desert mountains" ..maybe I'm wrong... but I bet it's beautiful when skies are clear and white puffy clouds and the colors. Exactly what kind of terrain or what have you ..or say altitude..are you there.

    anyway, Samson is a cutie and so sweet to keep Faith's ears clean. You must love them so much.

  8. Because i'm a curiouis type i went back to your first posts ....and found where you mentioned 4000 foot altitude so we are only a bit higher than you around 4800 to 5000. Anyway those photos i saw with snow on the ground are beautiful!

  9. How far do people go to get to their mailbox? 😂

  10. You really live in a beautiful place. The plant looks a bit like Lamb's Ear.

  11. Like the picture of all the mail boxes lined up in a row. Some people must have to go for a bit of a walk to get their mail! :) Good exercise!

  12. I love those simple country walks... And, I like a good dog with me.

  13. a beautiful post! ending with my favorites... Faith and Samson!
    this whole post made me smile. thank you Inger. xoxo

  14. Samson, Gracie forgives you since she's your sister... but she says she only has ears for you. I love the mailbox photo!!


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