Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Masks By Jeanne And More

Jeanne made these masks for me and this is my favorite. Isn't it just so pretty?  With a Scandinavian look that suits me well. Of course, you can't really see me, but that's OK. 

A woman I ran into outside the post office was so sure I was someone else that she continued to talk to me as if I were that person after I told her I was not. She went on and on. I kept my mask on, hoping my Swedish accent would deter her. After a while she moved on.

I haven't worn this one yet, but I will. I'm just so fond of the one at the top. These colors suit me well too. I know Jeanne thinks of that before she gives her masks away. 

I'm so grateful for thoughtful friends like her.  

There is a mandate for all Californians to wear masks when out and about. I noticed that Glenn wears one when he comes by, as does Jeanne, of course, but none of my close neighbors and helpers do. They all maintain the appropriate distance and we only meet outside, so hopefully that's OK. 

I hope wearing masks will help our state, but I am concerned and will continue to stay home, shelter in place, unless trips to town are absolutely necessary. 

Highlights of my week: Trips to the post office; Walmart to pick up online order; the Dump with my trash and cardboard recycle. I don't want to go to our bottle recycle place, so they are piling up.  

But the drive to town is pretty with the mountains all around, wild sunflowers blooming by the side of the road. 

A lousy picture of them and now I can't find them again. Maybe next month there will be more of them. The hillside shows a bit of our canyon nature.


  1. Those are pretty masks and nice of your friend to make them for you. I make my own masks because they are much more comfortable than the ones you can buy.

  2. I wish I could sew and make my own mask but I did have Linda emailed me too and I have a friend who gave me three and I bought 7 of the paper kind and the YMCA gave me a package of 6 made out of t-shirt material so I'm set with the mask. Are County just started today mandatory mask if you're in public and can't maintain social distance and inside all buildings mandatory mask

  3. You are lucky to have a good friend like Jeanne to gift you with these lovely masks.

    I clicked on the picture of the wild sunflowers and I can see them much better.
    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Your favorite is mine too. What a neat friend to think of and take care of your health needs. We went mandatory with masks last Monday and I am really proud of how many are doing it with no griping.
    Stay safe.

  5. What pretty masks. We have the same hair color I think and the pastels look nice. I have people think I'm someone they know all the time but with the masks...not so much. That's funny. Enjoy your day. We grocery shopped today and I'm glad to have that over with. Hugs!

  6. Very nice masks. A kind blogger friend made Ken and I a few and mailed them to us. :)

  7. Those are so pretty! It does look like your friend knows you very well. :)

  8. those dare cute masks and i can see why you like the top one - ...i'm thinking for me I would pick the bottom blue one. Anyway i'll be glad when all this is sorted out again.

  9. how lovely to have handmade masks ... made with love and friendship.
    I got tickled at the lady who just kept talking to you even after you told her...
    she must have just been very lonely. :) xoxo

  10. Hi Inger - the first mask is delightful - but actually I'm rather fond of the third one. I'm glad you're keeping busy and keeping tidying ... our govt is chopping and changing its mind - but at least it's trying to halt the pandemic. I wear a mask inside the shops now ... it's just become mandatory ... but there haven't been many gatherings here - so I haven't been in crowds. I love seeing your canyon ... stay safe - Hilary

  11. I like so much these masks that your friend Jeanne made to you! Yes, very pretty!

    In São Paulo State the Governor do a mandate for all people of the São Paulo's State to wear masks when out and about. There is a fine if the people do not obey this order.
    But where I live, a condominium, I see many neighbors walking in the garden without a mask. But I will continue to stay home. Unfortunately, it has been about four months since I met my daughter Sofia and my son Fernando and my grandkids. I stay alone in my apartmente. I am very sad and I miss so very much my deares Carlos. In this August 18, will be two years that my dear Carlos passed away.I can not believe that it's happens...

    Sofia needed to get out of quarantine because her dog, Brahma, is very sick and Sofia had to go to the clinic several times. At the moment her dog is even hospitalized.
    Fernando is agronomist and meet many people in the field, and my daughter in law is physiotherapist and works in a hospital. My garndkids has online classes.

    We all are doing through very difficult and suffering times!
    I do hope that a vaccine will be soon discovered.

    Love your photos of the mountains all around,with beautiful sunflowers blooming by the side of the road.
    Lots of hugs and stay safe and well, my dear Inger!


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