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The Dogs Of My Life ~ Post No. 8 ~ Angel - Part 2

Angel and Bandit (AKA Bonnie and Clyde)

As it turned out, we never found Angel's owner. We lived in the middle of Los Angeles, one block south of Olympic, a very wide boulevard with, this being LA, continuous traffic. A few blocks away were two other wide streets full of cars, always. 

We took her picture and posted it all over the neighborhood, but never found an owner. So she stayed and became my Angel, also called Angel Cakes by me. She turned out to be the sweetest dog ever, so playful, so loving, so funny. It didn't take long for her and Bandit to team up to make our lives just so much more fun. 

This is what Bandit had to say about her in those "poems" I wrote for him:

My name is Bandit
And I am tough
But when Angel plays
She gets so rough
She pretends I'm a sheep 
And bites me so hard I could weep
Instead I lick my wounds to the bone
And have to wear the dreaded cone

Angel was so much fun and she made me fall in love with the German shepherd breed. Of course, with all the dogs Errol kept finding, I would never have a chance to choose a specific breed, but still, I think they are just wonderful dogs. 

Living in the Canyon

And when they run! Sheer beauty in motion. I loved to watch her run once we moved here to the canyon. 

Angel was about eight when we moved. I'm so glad she got to spend her senior years here.

She was the sweetest, kindest dog who cared for everyone in our family. In addition to the other three dogs, we had two cats and two birds. Sindbad is the cat in the picture below.

As she got older, she became the matriarch of her pack. She took good care of all the dogs that arrived after her and helped to raise Samson to be the dog he is today

Angel died in May of 2012. This is what I wrote on my blog:

After a rough night, Angel died early this morning. We buried her in the yard next to her beloved Bandit, with the scent of lilacs floating through the air and turtle doves flying low above. 

Angel was 13 years and approximately 7 months. She came to our Los Angeles house in July 1999, and refused to leave; she has taken care of all of us ever since. Angel had discoid lupus that only affected her nose. Other than that, she was never sick a day in her life, she didn't suffer from age-related arthritis, she could jump, run, play, and guard still. I am devastated and will take a few days off from blogging to take care of myself and spend time with Samson who was so attached to her. She raised him and taught him all he knows.

When we told our vet what had happened, he diagnosed her sudden illness as bloat. Something we were soon to experience again, but at that time had never known a dog to suffer from.

Angel was our vet's first patient at our Veterinary Hospital and I know she had a special place in his heart. He always tried to help her with her fears, her shaking and shivering every time she had to come to see him. 

Angel was my love, my protector, my very, very special friend. 


  1. Awww! Sweet Angel. What a beautiful girl she was!

  2. Inger, there is nothing like having dogs. Angels from heaven, I think!

  3. My favorite photo today of your sweet angel it's the one with her to tip of her tongue out! She was so beautiful I love all the gray on her face and this still breaks my heart even though she's been gone for a long time. I always get. When I look at all the pictures of our angels and I even get teary-eyed when I look at your angels to

  4. She was such a beauty with such a sweet personality. She chose you and how lucky that was for you both.

  5. Sweet Angel... It's so sad loosing a beloved pet. Something I had difficulty dealing with every time we had pets that got too old and no longer had quality of life and had to be euthanize. Angel sounds like a wonderful dog. I'm so glad that she found you and Errol to care for her. We have also had cats that came to our home and refused to leave. We fell in love with them all. The dogs were all rescued and also found a loving home with us.

    Thanks for sharing your special memories with us.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. These wonderful dogs are only here for a little while but make an imprint on our heart for all of our days.

  7. Awww, what a wonderful dog she was! I think bloat can be so deadly, and nothing you can do to prevent it. I am so sorry.

  8. What a sweetheart she was to you and those around her. I imagine she is running in fields of gold in heaven and will definitely be greeting you when you arrive some day. I enjoyed reading about her and Bandit

  9. What an awsome profile! Not only was Angel loving and protective, she was also beautiful! The picture (last) with her in pensive mood is priceless!

  10. We bought a dobberman yesterday for the first time .its 52 days old female .her name is lucy .we hope we keep her happy till the end

  11. Hi Inger - how lovely to read ... your obvious love of all your animals - yet some will always have special stories to share with you, and thus us as you remember them. Angel looks amazing ... a guardian angel: she was definitely for you. Stay safe - Hilary

  12. even after all this time your words have brought tears. they just stay in our hearts.
    even when we know the outcome we want to read every word. as a tribute to them and their wonderful lives. thank you Inger. xoxo

  13. You KNOW you are blessed when a dog chooses YOU. 💙

  14. I remember sweet Angel! What a beautiful post...


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