Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Someone Is Having A Birthday!


Samson turns 11 today! The picture is from last year, as he's not quite that clean and pretty today.

But still the best dog ever, so sweet and kind.

Dear Samson, I love you so very much. I will make sure you have the best birthday today! You are the sweetest dog that I have ever known. You are patient, loving and kind. You are the best watch dog, you hear everything from far, far away. And, as I once learned, you will protect me should anyone want to harm me. 

You are the best of dogs, my sweet Samson. Happy Birthday to you and many, many more.

I will always love you. So very much. ~ Mommy

Faith: Happy Birthday, dear Samson. And if there's any cake, cookies, or something like that ~ don't eat it all, make sure I get some (a lot) too!


  1. Hi Samson - I completely concur with your Mama and your sister Faith ... just have a lovely day together ... enjoy your dog-cakes ... with pretty pink icing to match your beautiful white fur ... congratulations ... 11 years is a good long time. With a big virtual hug from across the pond, by a friend of your Mama's who enjoys her English sunny countryside. Stay safe and away from those s-s-s-snakes ... happy times - Hilary

  2. Happy Birthday, Samson! 🎈

  3. Samson is a very beautiful dog. Happy Birthday to him and I know he will enjoy all his treats.

  4. A great time to celebrate! Have a fun day...all of you! Hugs!

  5. If I were there I would give you a big kiss and a hug dear Samson but from afar I am singing happy birthday to you and be glad you can't hear me! Haha

  6. Samson, celebrate your day in the happiest way, enjoy every goodie, and let your Mum know you love her so much, with a big woof.XXX

  7. Samson is beautiful. And looking very good too.

  8. He is so beautiful! I hope he has a joyful day, with all his favorite things.

  9. They say it's your birthday, gonna have a good day...Samson... happy birthday and enjoy it with your mom. She sounds like a really nice mom to you.

  10. Happy Birthday to you Sampson. I know that you are being spoiled today and that's Ok because it your special day. We all love you, you are a beautiful dog.
    Hugs, Julia

  11. Happy Birthday Samson! You deserve to be spoiled every day but today you should be even more spoiled. :)

  12. Happy Birthday Samson.
    What a great expression he has.

  13. Who's a good doggy? Who's a good boy? We all know the answer is--SAMSON!


  14. Samson is an ideal dog, I can tell from what you wrote, even protecting you. And all that soft fluffy whiteness. At one point I thought of getting a Samoyed dog and I dreamed of naming him Pamuk, Turkish for Cotton. Hey, years ago we took our cat, Gypsy, sailing with us, re your comment on my blog.

  15. Happy Birthday to Sampson! What a pretty boy!

  16. Happy birthday and best wishes for this very very sweet dog!

    Greetings from Dori from the Bavarian forest.

    You are already 80? I cannot believe! You look very nice! I saw you comment by Terra - -

    1. I was 73 in that picture. I look a lot older now.

  17. Happy Birthday Samson you handsome fella. You don't look a day over 5. Enjoy the day and the wonderful life you are lucky to live.

  18. happy birthday darling Samson! the strong and ever protector of your mommy and sister and the most loving and smiling of all dogs! you will always be her puppy! XOXO

  19. A Very Happy Birthday lovely Samson! Lots of hugs to you!

    I know you for a long time and now you are turns 11 year!
    I agree with your Mom, you are very sweet, patient, loving and kind.
    And I saw how you protec your dear Mom too!

    I laugh with the words of lovely Faith! For sure, Faith, Samson will give some cookies to you!


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