Thursday, October 8, 2020

Fat Bear Tuesday, 10/8 Wednesday, And Daily Exercise


Jeanne helped upload my insulin pump data to my doctor's office the other day. I could do this myself, but my Chromebook will not allow me. Much as I like it, I'm finding out why it costs less than other laptops of similar size.

While I waited in the Jeep, I took some pictures of her canyon views. Then I watched one of her cats busy with something at one end of the yard and a bird busy with something else under a tree at the other end. Unaware of each other.

Fat Bear Tuesday arrived in Katmai National Park in Alaska and the Fat Bear Champion was crowned yesterday. Last year's runner-up, Bear 747 is the new Champion, beating his challenger, Chunky. I mentioned this competition in an earlier post and the fact that The Washington Post delights in covering it every year, thus taking a break from all the rest it covers so diligently. Who can blame them?

Then today arrived, finally! What's so special about it you may ask? I know it's fuzzy, but can you see the temperatures? They went from 82 yesterday to a projected 74 today, the first day this fall with temps in the 70s. 

As the years go by, I'm becoming more and more heat intolerant. By now I can't stand summer here. If it's in the 90s, even dry heat is hot and way too hot for me.

Some years back, I set up a 100 day period that I knew would be uncomfortable for me, July 1 - October 8. And this year, October 8 is coming through for me with the first high in the 70s forecast for this fall here in our mountains. 

Errol and his brother Glenn were partners in a construction business. Homeowners would often decide to get rid of old stuff while they had contractors and their workers there to cart it off. That's how I got this old stationary bike that still works. 

My friend Carol told me her ankles were getting weak and since my legs are a mess, I suggested we motivate each other and bike, at least once a day on our stationary bikes. Since then I've kept it up most days. I'm beginning to feel a difference.

Here's another view from Jeanne's house.


  1. that is one fat and adorable bear... i am with you on the older i get the more I hate heat.. glad you are getting a break, we are getting a break but not in heat, Delta the hurricane is not coming our way, or so it seems today.... still hot though in the the 90's every day and humidity through the ceiling. great idea to ride that bike and a good idea to have a partner even if you are not sitting side by side

  2. That bear should sleep well. I know I should exercise more especially when grounded like we are. You have inspired me to quit letting my stationary bike gather dust. Thanks.

  3. yay!! I forgot to check back to see who won the fat bear Contest . .Thanks to you i don't have to . . . Found my way to a new cobbler . . . Golly, it's good to meet nice people. My shoes will be in good shape in a couple of weeks - and I'll get to drive over to collect them. Most things here have become a surprising adventure. Sending love & love, -g-

  4. I think these bikes are a great type of exercise, because it does not put any stress on your joints. Beautiful scenery! So do people just kind of look around for bears and take their pictures? Then judges compare which is the fattest?

  5. Your bike looks like the handles move as well as the pedals, so arms and legs get a lot of exercise.What a fat bear, a load of body to carry around every day!!!

  6. That bear is truly humongous! So nice that the weather is FINALLY starting to cool. Keep on biking!!

  7. That is one big fat bear.
    Glad the temperatures are getting cooler for you. I'm not a fan of HOT weather either. We rarely get real hot days here.

  8. Your temps look good! Our lows are in the 70s this week and I'll be glad when it cools off more at night. Love those beautiful mt views! And a stationary bike is a great way to get exercise and build muscles. Way to go!!! Enjoy your evening my friend!

  9. Good for you doing the bike. I believe it's true that as long as we keep moving - we don't have as many problems when we age. We also had such cool temps today and last night i needed a blanket versus just a sheet. It was chilly when i woke up and i was motivated finally to not wait until late in the day for a lake walk but to get out early. It felt so good and tonight there is a chill in the air that came on about 4 this afternoon.

  10. the heat and humidity here are oppressive. we used to have seasons. now we seem to have summer and winter! we had no Fall (my favorite) last year at all. still in the 80's.
    I had thyroid cancer 5 years ago and they removed my thyroid. a woman in the office post op told me "you'll now be hotter than you've ever been in your whole life!" I didn't think too much about it at the time... but wow. was she right. rather weird! but then I think I've always been a little weird. I should feel right at home. I just hibernate in heat.
    it's a foggy day here so far and I'm LOVING IT! the humidity is 97%. but at least the sun's not shining! and your bike exercises are FANTASTIC. good on you!!! XO

  11. Hi Inger - that heat must be awful ... and I don't envy you with it ... but I don't like freezing cold either - still just cold here at the moment. Wonderful view from Jeanne's home ... excellent idea to motivate each other with your stationery bikes. Glad she was able to help you get your medication details down to the doc ... take care and enjoy the cooler days - with thoughts - Hilary

  12. That sure is a fat bear! Good thing bears don't realize there is a contest every year or they may be insulted! Good for you riding the bike! It's always nice when you hard work pays off!


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