Thursday, October 8, 2020

Fat Bear Tuesday, 10/8 Wednesday, And Daily Exercise


Jeanne helped upload my insulin pump data to my doctor's office the other day. I could do this myself, but my Chromebook will not allow me. Much as I like it, I'm finding out why it costs less than other laptops of similar size.

While I waited in the Jeep, I took some pictures of her canyon views. Then I watched one of her cats busy with something at one end of the yard and a bird busy with something else under a tree at the other end. Unaware of each other.

Fat Bear Tuesday arrived in Katmai National Park in Alaska and the Fat Bear Champion was crowned yesterday. Last year's runner-up, Bear 747 is the new Champion, beating his challenger, Chunky. I mentioned this competition in an earlier post and the fact that The Washington Post delights in covering it every year, thus taking a break from all the rest it covers so diligently. Who can blame them?

Then today arrived, finally! What's so special about it you may ask? I know it's fuzzy, but can you see the temperatures? They went from 82 yesterday to a projected 74 today, the first day this fall with temps in the 70s. 

As the years go by, I'm becoming more and more heat intolerant. By now I can't stand summer here. If it's in the 90s, even dry heat is hot and way too hot for me.

Some years back, I set up a 100 day period that I knew would be uncomfortable for me, July 1 - October 8. And this year, October 8 is coming through for me with the first high in the 70s forecast for this fall here in our mountains. 

Errol and his brother Glenn were partners in a construction business. Homeowners would often decide to get rid of old stuff while they had contractors and their workers there to cart it off. That's how I got this old stationary bike that still works. 

My friend Carol told me her ankles were getting weak and since my legs are a mess, I suggested we motivate each other and bike, at least once a day on our stationary bikes. Since then I've kept it up most days. I'm beginning to feel a difference.

Here's another view from Jeanne's house.


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