Monday, October 19, 2020

The Joy Of Coloring ~ Post No. 5


I'm doing well, but friends and relatives I love are going through difficult times. 

I've been feeling sad, sort of helpless, because of course I can't really help. I'm finding it difficult to snap out of this.

But I know that finding ways to be creative always helps me get to a happier frame of mind. 

I like colors and a few years ago, my friend Judy gave me the most gorgeous coloring books with Scandinavian motifs. 

I hadn't colored since I was a child. Once I started, I seemed to have knack for it. I certainly enjoy it.   

So when I need to cheer myself up, I bring out my coloring book. I'm still on the first one, a favorite. 

Pretty soon, I'm smiling again.

I finished the ram a while back and right now I'm coloring a rabbit and its environment in different shades of blue.

Thank you, Judy, for gifting me all this fun, something I would never have thought to do for myself.


  1. It's hard when you love someone and they are going through tough times. You found the secret of creating a space for better mental/emotional health - anything we do that is creative actually opens up an invitation for more of that inspired "(in spirit) to flow through and it changes the way we see things around us - it's like life is "lit" a little brighter. Your art piece is so pretty !!

  2. I always loved to color as a child. and I did portraits of children in pencil when I was in my 20's. but the coloring books for adults are so busy that I never bought any.
    now I have essential tremor in my right hand so much that it makes it almost impossible!
    but then who says you HAVE to stay in the lines... right? lol! maybe I'll look for the Scandinavian coloring books. I find the ones you show us just delightful! thanks Inger.

  3. Very pretty. I used to color a lot when my kids were small. It was a stress reliever for me. Not so much anymore. I guess I don't have the patience!

  4. So happy you are enjoying the coloring book. I too find it soothing, especially in these crazy times.

  5. I admire your resilience. Finding activities that cheer us up is so important now! The bighorn sheep is gorgeous!

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