Monday, October 19, 2020

The Joy Of Coloring ~ Post No. 5


I'm doing well, but friends and relatives I love are going through difficult times. 

I've been feeling sad, sort of helpless, because of course I can't really help. I'm finding it difficult to snap out of this.

But I know that finding ways to be creative always helps me get to a happier frame of mind. 

I like colors and a few years ago, my friend Judy gave me the most gorgeous coloring books with Scandinavian motifs. 

I hadn't colored since I was a child. Once I started, I seemed to have knack for it. I certainly enjoy it.   

So when I need to cheer myself up, I bring out my coloring book. I'm still on the first one, a favorite. 

Pretty soon, I'm smiling again.

I finished the ram a while back and right now I'm coloring a rabbit and its environment in different shades of blue.

Thank you, Judy, for gifting me all this fun, something I would never have thought to do for myself.


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