Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Wonder Dog Ponders A Dog's Life

In the middle of the morning, apparently a post about Samson popped up and squeezed out this one by Faith. She did not take that lightly and insists that I leave this one up until Friday. Sorry about the confusion, this new system -- one has to be so very careful.

Faith: It sure gets boring in here with mommy watching on her Kindle Fire, paying me no attention whatsoever. Not even a pet, or a pat, not sure how that one goes. 


I may as well start to clean my paws. Which reminds me, I'm supposed to be on my blankie, but I don't see it, I'll just stay here until she complains. 

Good thing mommy doesn't know where my paws have been.

I'm licking so loud, almost slurping to get some attention. But no, she hasn't even told me I'm not allowed to groom in the bed.

And stay on my side of the bed. Yes, I know that one, my English is very good. Mommy says: Go to your side of the bed, and off I go. Usually there's my blankie there, but no, it's missing today. 

I wonder if humans ever realize how boring a dog's life can be. 

Just thinking about it makes me yawn. 

This is my sleepy look. 

Good night everyone.

I will dream of my mommy when she was  young and strong. I will dream about us chasing each other in the fields, play hide and go seek in the woods, I will dream of her throwing me my ball at least 50 times and how I will run and run to fetch like I did when I was a young pup.

One thing I know for sure:  I love her and she loves me. 

I'm her helper, her best friend, her companion, and sometimes she calls me her Wonder Dog. 

And being a Wonder Dog is a very good thing to be.


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