Friday, October 2, 2020

The Joy Of Coloring ~ Post No. 4

Before we get to the bears, I want to thank you for your kind and caring comments on my posts about Errol and also about Soldier. I haven't visited any blogs, I've been tired, fed up with the continuing hot weather and smoky skies, worried that neither I nor the dogs can go for our walks. 

The weather person at the Bakersfield station said we would have "sunshine mixed with smoke." 

So there it is, I will do better, I care.

In honor of Fat Bear Week in Alaska's Katmai national park. 

Adult male brown bears in Katmai are among the largest in the world and each year there's competition for the title of Fat Bear. Actually a female bear, named Holly, won in 2019.

The public votes and voting to determine the winner for the most portly brown bear of 2020 is taking place right now, culminating in Fat Bear Tuesday on October 6.

I got this information from the Washington Post. They get involved in this contest each year, and so do I. I believe the Post feels we need a break every now and then from all that's going on and I couldn't agree more. There are lots of pictures of some very, very fat bears in their latest edition. Which lives on my Kindle Fire.


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