Friday, October 2, 2020

The Joy Of Coloring ~ Post No. 4

Before we get to the bears, I want to thank you for your kind and caring comments on my posts about Errol and also about Soldier. I haven't visited any blogs, I've been tired, fed up with the continuing hot weather and smoky skies, worried that neither I nor the dogs can go for our walks. 

The weather person at the Bakersfield station said we would have "sunshine mixed with smoke." 

So there it is, I will do better, I care.

In honor of Fat Bear Week in Alaska's Katmai national park. 

Adult male brown bears in Katmai are among the largest in the world and each year there's competition for the title of Fat Bear. Actually a female bear, named Holly, won in 2019.

The public votes and voting to determine the winner for the most portly brown bear of 2020 is taking place right now, culminating in Fat Bear Tuesday on October 6.

I got this information from the Washington Post. They get involved in this contest each year, and so do I. I believe the Post feels we need a break every now and then from all that's going on and I couldn't agree more. There are lots of pictures of some very, very fat bears in their latest edition. Which lives on my Kindle Fire.


  1. As long as you and the dogs are safe...:)jp

  2. your fat bear coloring page is adorable, love the sweater.. it has to be frustrating to be trapped inside your house by smoke, added to the afraid to go shopping of the pandemic. did you see the president and first lady are postive for the Hoax virus?

  3. Don't worry about visiting blogs. They'll be there when you're ready. Meanwhile, I'm glad you're safe, even if fed up!

  4. I didn't know about this! But anyway, this is the prettiest bear I have ever seen. Take care, my friend!

  5. Love your bear, specially his coat.A coat of many colours maybe. Stay safe, even if it means being inside far more than you want.XXX

  6. I like to color too, though haven't done it in a while. Will have to start again.
    Your bear is cute in his sweater of many colors.

  7. Love your bear, quite the fashion statement with that sweater. Glad you have something to entertain you when it is too nasty to go outside. Got to be hard on both you and the dogs. Stay safe.

  8. coloring was always a favorite activity of mine as a child.
    I'm glad adults are finding it a relaxing past time now.
    I love your bear!
    one hopes they can all get the fat they need to get them through hibernation!
    this is a great post. and as everyone has said... stay SAFE!
    and breathing-wise too. surely the smoke will eventually be GONE. XO

  9. Seeing your name on my reading list always make me happy.

    Someone gave me a coloring book with pencils, I don't know where it is. Time to find it!

  10. Good job on the bear. Good to know your skies are clearing up. I know how it is to want to get out and walk and get fresh air but the weather or skies don't cooperate.

  11. Hi Inger - it's amused you ... that's the main thing - love your colouring - bug bear hugs coming your way - Hilary

  12. How beautiful! I love coloring and seeing what pretty colors compliment each other. Enjoy your day sweet friend!


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