Friday, October 16, 2020

The Dogs Of My Life ~ Post No. 11 ~ Samson

This posted by mistake on the 14th. With this new blog format, you have to be so careful. Since I had a cute post up about Faith pondering a dog's life, I reverted to it on the 14th and changed Samson's post to today. Sorry about this.

I found all these old pictures of Samson and posted them here. Then, as I started to write about him, this wonderful dog of mine, I started to cry. Not just tear up, but cry. 

I was dumbfounded, why was I having this tearful reaction? I was quiet for a while and then I knew. I'm on some deep level worried he may die. Samson will be twelve next July, a time when most of my dogs either passed on or began a downhill slide. Additionally, Samson has never been a 100% healthy dog and has been on steroid medicine, both orally and for his eye drops for most of his life. 

Then I realized that because Faith is so in my face all the time, needs all my attention, is the "good" and ever so obedient dog, she gets all the praise, while I tend to nag at Samson's stubborn behavior. 

I'm glad I had this insight, because from now on, for the rest of this kindest, sweetest, most self-less, most patient, most -- everything good dog's life, I will shower him with love and attention. 

He will also defend me. Once when I told a trespassing, meth addicted, woman to not climb over my fences and she screamed at me and made threatening gestures, Samson lunged at her and had he not been on leash would have taken her on, he left no doubt about that. He will defend me.

(In the comments made on the 14th, Sandi wondered about the meth.  The incident with Samson and the woman happened about nine years ago. A house up in the mountains was rented to people right out of Breaking Bad. This woman had no car, so she had to walk/hitch hike to town. Walking across our land was a huge shortcut. These people are long gone, so everything is calm and peaceful around here now.)

That said, instead of writing about his life, a life many of you have followed over the years on my blog, why don't you look at him below and, hopefully, he will make you smile. 

I love you my sweet boy.

So very much.


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