Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Come With Me On A Trip To Town

Thank you for your kind comments on my last post. I knew some of you knew Fran through her blog and wanted to let you know of her passing. 

I drive the Jeep now, the Honda is sick and will stay parked until spring. I usually go to town once a week, sometimes twice.  

Tens of thousands of trucks move goods on the state highway that passes through here from the Central Valley to other highways and freeways across our country.

This is the main street, bleak looking this time of the year. But, as you can see, not much traffic.

Our town has that symbol of country towns across America, a water tower. Ours is handsomely decorated, which you can't see in my picture. This happens when you stay in the car while taking photos.

On my way to the bank, I pass one of the murals that enhance many buildings in our town. This one depicts a blacksmith shop and is located on the road where shepherds drove their sheep to the railroad, from where they were then transported to markets in the valley below our mountain town. 

At the bank, only one car is ahead of me in line. These days, I only use cash to pay Jeanne when she picks up a rotisserie chicken or some blue cheese for me.

Then on to the post office to pick up my mail and any packages I may have.

Leaving the area, I drive the back roads and pass our Adventist Health hospital. It's a new hospital, before the pandemic I would meet my dietitian and friend, Kathy, for lunch there. One pleasure gone by the pandemic wayside. 

In the Jeep, I prefer to take the road home. With the soft top, the wind up here, and its weak front end I avoid freeways when I can.  

Cattle graze on dry weeds that look more like burro food. Hopefully, they also get proper feed, they are a business after all. 

After I pass the cement plant, I will pass the dump, or the Disposal Site, as it's politely called on the sign and soon be at the entrance to the canyon.

Soon, I'm home. Thanks for coming with me. We'll do this again in the spring, when everything will be so much prettier. 

And from now on I pledge to do my writing and blogging in the afternoons, after my morning chores, my walks with the dogs, and all the rest is done. 


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