Monday, December 14, 2020

In Memory Of My Friend Fran

 My friend Fran passed away last week after living a long and very good life. 

I met Fran through Errol, who many years ago built an addition to her house that became her art studio. Fran was a talented artist, but then she was so much more. Fran was an original, a unique woman, she was generous, always helpful and kind.  

Best of all, Fran had a wonderful sense of humor, she was funny in an entirely original way. After Fran read some of my posts here, she became interested in blogging and soon started her own fishducky, finally blog. There she shared brilliant stories from her life and cheered her followers up with lots of funny posts.

Once upon a time, Fran decided our well-known old fairy tales needed a do-over to better fit in the modern world. And what hilarious makeovers many of them got in a book called Fishducky's Fables

Fran once showed me pictures of what she and her kids did to their VW bus. They painted it! I don't remember exactly how it looked, but Fran and her kids painted the entire bus in fun patterns and colors. I can only imagine the joy this would bring to a child.

Fran was a talented artist and for a long time I posted pictures of her art here on my blog. 

After her husband, Bud, died, Fran moved to an assisted living facility. I kept in contact with her through her son, Blake. 

While there, for some reason, with no Irish heritage that I know of, Fran began to write limericks. And then, according to her, she couldn't contain herself, so the limericks kept coming from her forever brilliant mind and wonderfully mad sense of humor. 

I have three sets of her limericks. I will treasure them for as long as I live. 

I also have copies of her pen and ink drawings and a mirror, set  in a most original frame that she created. I treasure everything she gave me.

Here are few samples of Fran's art:

Thank you, Fran, for all you did to help Errol so many years ago. He never forgot your generous support and, most importantly, your trust in him. He loved you so very much.

I know you wanted fireworks at your funeral, this probably was not possible. But so worth a mention here. You were an original,  a unique, brilliant and kind woman. 

I love you.



  1. so sorry to read this. She sounds wonderful and I remember viewing her Fishducky a few times, but never followed her.. a truly gifted artist for sure... i am sure I would love the fairy tale re do. I loved fairy tales when growing up...

  2. Dear Inger - wonderful to read ... she and Bud obviously had a fun life - with Fran giving the family that creative magical touch. How lucky for you all to have met, shared and helped each other ... as you mention she's a superb artist. Then to add to the mix ... she was obviously a great writer ... I'm so pleased you have these memories, but how very sad she's left you. I hope you and Blake and family will be able to stay in touch ... with thoughts to her family and to you ... thanks for sharing those lovely works. Stay safe - Hilary

  3. What a wonderful tribute. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  4. I just keep saying No No No, not Fran. This breaks my heart Inger. She was one of my can't miss bloggers for her fun look at life. Her sketches always amazed me by the detail she would often capture. Her family stories always made me smile.She would hunt the internet to bring us laughs. My favorite cartoon of all time came from her blog. I have all ready been missing her since she stopped blogging in 2019 but now sadness takes over. If you can let Blake know how sorry I am for his and our loss.

    1. I copied this in an email to Blake. Fran will be missed, I have missed her blog for a long time, but now I have her limericks. So funny in an unusual way.

  5. Hello,
    So sorry for the loss of your friend Fran! Fran's art work looks beautiful, wonderful tribute post. Enjoy your day and have a great new week!

  6. She was such a good artist and I'm so curious now so I will check out her blog. I'm so glad she was in your world and in Errol's and was such a joy to you. She will continue to be joyful in a new way and will whisper funny thoughts in your mind.

  7. I am so sorry for your loss. She was very talented! You have written a lovely tribute to her, so now we will all know what an amazing lady she was.

  8. My condolences, Inger. I would say that is a life well-lived. What a wonderful way to be remembered.

  9. So sorry to hear of the loss of your special friend. Her drawings are VERY GOOD. Love the first house.

  10. What a great tribute to an interesting and talented friend. One of her talents was evidently friendship.

  11. I'm very sorry for the loss of your blogger friend. I have seen comments of Fishducky on people's blogs in the past although I wasn't a follower of hers, I have seen some of her humorous post. My favorite one was the post of church community announcements. They sure made me laugh. It's always sad loosing a good blogging friend.
    I'm glad that you have some of her art and writing to remember her by.
    Hugs, Julia

  12. Very sorry for your loss, Inger. This is a wonderful remembrance, and it sounds like Fran was a very special, unique individual. A life well lived!

  13. oh my goodness Inger. your friends here have said it all. what a treasure of a friend!
    and you have captured her huge and wonderful spirit in this tribute to her.
    she was so unique and exuberant and generous. and fun!
    and... just like Sandy said... I will see if I can find her Fishducky blog.
    now it will be especially poignant knowing that she is gone.
    such a LOVELY lady. and as it's been so beautifully said above ... A Life Well Lived!
    sending you and her family heartfelt sympathy for your loss. xoxo

  14. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. It's good you have treasures from her to keep!

  15. Thank you for letting us know. Fishducky was kind, generous, and a true original.


  16. Fireworks....pheewwww, ping, fiiiizzzz, oooh ahhhh fizzle ping phewwwww kaboom. She as them now.
    Sounds like a very nice lady.

  17. I can tell how special she was. I am sorry about your loss. I wish that you could have fireworks.

  18. Dear Inger, this is such a heartfelt tribute to Fran and all she was to you and also to Errol. You so captures her uniqueness and her sense of the ridiculous that often had me chuckling, chortling, laughing until tears came spilling down my face while I read her post or her "fractured fairy tales" or her comments on human foibles. The cartoons she posted so often had me laughing while the cats hid under my desk because I was hee-hawing so! She was a gift to us, Inger. She taught me so much about generosity of spirit because always she praised my writing and gave me confidence and so often she read my drafts and copyedited them.

    Thank you, Inger, for writing this post. You speak for all of us whose lives Fran touched with her creativity and her delight in life. Thank you for the tenderness with which you offer her story to us. Peace.


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