Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Dogs Of My Life ~ Post No. 12, Part 2 ~ Faith

While Faith has that strong  me first personality when it comes to living in a two-dog household, there's another, much deeper side to her.

It soon became clear that Faith understood grief and would find ways to make my tears dry up, make me want to play with her, to take her and Samson for daily walks. 

After Errol died, Samson became depressed, he wondered what had happened to his beloved dad. I had never seen a dog grieve before and was at a loss about how to best help him. But Faith was there for him, as she was for me; she played, she didn't take no for an answer, she demanded walks, she demanded playtime, she offered her ears for Samson to lick. He has a thing for ears. And somehow the three of us made it through.

Let's run and play in the snow! 

Faith rarely leaves my side when we're in the house. She follows me around, she reads my moods, my diabetic ones particularly. She knows when my blood sugars are low and I need to eat immediately. She understands when it's time for both dogs to leave me alone in the kitchen so I can quickly fix my food. She has the brains and understanding to be a low blood sugar alert dog. 

Talk about brains. Faith is my 12th dog and I've never known a dumb dog. They each had their own personalities, joys and fears. I've known city dogs that understood cars, the danger of streets, how to behave when you met another city dog out for a walk. I've known country dogs who could run around acres of land and never get lost, who could herd cattle, who knew a rattle snake when they saw one. All of them had the smarts to do what they needed to do. 

Faith is a smart dog, there's no doubt. But more than any other dog I've lived with, she has an intense desire to please me. I think one reason is the Labrador in her, another is that I trained her from when she was little. Through that we bonded and our bond is very strong. 

Faith is only the second puppy I've trained, the other was my Dalmatian, Troll. He had a very hard head, much like Samson he understood everything, but decided when it was a good idea to do as asked. Troll also had a sense of humor, which made living with him a delight.

Faith loves to retrieve, she loves her orange balls. She always loses them under the couch. Then she chews on her bone until I get the balls out. I have one of those ball thrower things and she loves to play and chase the ball more than anything. And she can run, this dog is incredibly fast -- and was even more so when she was younger. 

Faith has never been to a lake, but I'm sure she would enjoy a swim if given a chance. I often wonder what else she is, but I never had her DNA tested. 

Errol was right, Faith has been a good ranch dog and then so much more. She's my support dog and one of the greatest loves of my life. 


  1. What a blessing Faith has been to you. I think her name is very fitting. She is faithful to you and is really looking after you. It's amazing how a dog sense how it's owner is feeling emotionally and physically.
    Take care and enjoy every minutes of her caring.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I remember when your darling husband brought Faith home to you. What a good girl she is.


  3. How glad I am that I took the time to read part 1 first:) Dogs are indeed special creatures and gifts from God and so glad these are yours.

  4. That was lovely, Inger, and so is Faith. Our pets make life so much more delightful.

  5. Hi Inger - it's so wonderful to read your thoughts and see what the dogs get up to - Faith does sound a wonder for Errol to have found for you ... they inspire and help us through so much. Now she's there for you and Samson ... thank goodness in these times ... take care - and with hugs - Hilary

  6. you are describing Beau today, he is so much like Faith and is the support dog we both needed... Faith looks like Big but acts like Beau. she is so beautiful, wish i could hug her and throw that ball for her. you are blessed to have her and so was Samson when he needed comfort. you are right, all dogs are smart, just different. they have genetics that make them smarter for different things. when Beau announces someone is in our yard or at the door, he sounds fierce, little do they know he will only love them to death if they come in side. but he is great for shooing away people from the door...

  7. Faith, you are the blessing that arrived unexpectedly, have stayed, and continue to give so much love, a ball thrower, ( didn't know you could get them for a dog, have only seen golf or tennis ones here) I'm sure this is such fun. XXX to you all.

  8. You don't have to bother getting her tested. I KNOW what breed she is. Angel Dog.

  9. Animals can help us get through the hardest times of life. My two cats took over and cared for me after Andy died. They seemed to simply know I needed quiet and care and touching. Just as Faith can read what you need.

  10. Such a nice story of sweet Faith. She is a beauty and such a good girl!

  11. How interesting that Faith instinctively knows when your blood sugar needs attention. We had a black lab when my children were growing up and she was the sweetest, most loyal and affectionate dog. Samson is beautiful and I’m wondering what kind he is. Great that they get along so well together.

  12. Inger, I can't believe you had a Dalmatian! So did I...way back when. But I know what you mean about Faith and her bonding. I was like that with Moon and Copper...they are irreplaceable. Keep Faith and she'll be there for you and the white fluff ball forever! Errol knew what he was talking about...:)jp

  13. Your description of Faith and her behavior is very moving!
    By the way, Faith and Hope are good names both for dogs as well as for humans.

  14. I am so glad you are blessed by Faith's presence. You know....dog is just God spelled backwards :)

  15. Faith is an amazing dog and you are both lucky to have each other.

  16. Both part one and now part two were lovely to read, and I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  17. dogs DO grieve. sometimes to their own death. the strength of their love.
    I'm so glad to read this second part. to know of her KNOWING when you need her in the blood sugar times. they DO know. and that's the amazing thing.
    my Zeke knew when I had the eschemic stroke even before I did! he simply refused to go further on our walk. and he LOVED walks! but we went back home. and then I knew something was wrong with me. they are just amazing beings.
    I LOVE these pictures. and being an Angel Dog and Lab... she probably would love to have water to play in Mom! next summer there on the patio. it might be fun to find out. a kiddie pool. neve have seen a lab yet that didn't LOVE WATER! :D XOXO


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