Thursday, December 17, 2020

This Made Me Smile


Our entire canyon road has double yellow lines, so cars are not allowed to pass. I usually drive the Jeep at about 45 mph in the canyon. When someone who is in a hurry or just wants to drive the 55 mph speed limit comes up behind me, I rather pull over and let them pass than feel their frustrations building up behind me.

Some people give me a grateful wave as they pass, others do nothing. 

Yesterday, on my way to town, I pulled over for a woman driver with a car full of kids. 

After she passed me, she turned on her emergency blinkers and the rear of her car was happily blinking a "Thank You!" for as long as she saw the Jeep and me in her rear view mirror.

This made me so happy, made the rest of my day happy, made me grin, as the saying goes, from ear to ear.


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