Monday, May 10, 2021

Conversations with Faith - California Condors


Faith: What are you hemming and hawing about?

Me: Hemming and hawing, you're a dog, how do you know weird words like that? You're for sure the smartest dog I've ever known.

Faith: I know.

Me: So I was reading the Washington Post on my Kindle and the name of our town came up.

Faith: That's exciting, I hope they spelled it right. Why?

Me: Because some California condors had trashed this woman's entire deck. 

Faith: Why? Were they mad at her?

Me: I don't know. But do you know what the biggest problem was?

Faith: I bet they pooped all over the deck and didn't clean up after themselves. 

Me: Faith, you're absolutely right. It was like shoveling up concrete, the poor woman said. 

Faith: How many birds did this to her?

Me: The paper said 15 to 20 birds and you know they're giant birds. 

Faith: I know, she should shoot them if they come back.

Me: You are not allowed to shoot them, they are what's called endangered. I read there are only about 160 of them flying free in California and some more in other countries. So very few of them are left. 

Faith: It's sort of sad when animals disappear. I'm glad I'm a dog, I don't think we'll disappear any time soon. 

Me: It's pretty cool though that we live in condor territory, don't you think?

Faith: Personally, I think we live in raven territory. But they've left us too. 

Me: I know, Uncle Bob stole them.

Faith: How can you steal a raven?

Me: He is very kind to them and then he feeds them horse treats. You weren't nice to them,  you used to chase them all over the place. So no wonder they left us. 

Faith: I know, it was so much fun chasing them. Stole the ravens. I say, what's the world coming to? Pooping big birds and faithless ravens, I don't know...


  1. Hello,
    Stealing Ravens and pooping Condors, what is the world coming to? LOL, cute!
    Faith you are adorable! Have a great day and a happy new week!

  2. Good that the Condors are protected but bad for that homeowner and the terrible mess she had to clean up. Yikes, 15 to 20 Condors can leave a lot of poop.

  3. I had to look up CA Condor to see what they are, vultures is what we call them. I did not know about the CA type until now. looks like there are many types of vultures. this is interesting. we have dozens of vultures, we call them buzzards but not like yours and they are big. thanks for telling us Faith.. not sure if we have ravens, we do have huge black loud crows. i think crows and ravens are different but not sure. can you tell i am not a bird person? now ask be about DOGS. I LOVE DOGS..

  4. Amazing to have a huge percentage of an endangered species all over the place in your yard. Talk about a mixed blessing. They're enormous birds.

  5. Hehehehe... enjoyable conversation!!!

  6. Yikes, that is a lot of poop. I can remember when they were first reintroduced to Ca. They are evidently thriving. You have a great attitude Faith and sorry you don't have Ravens to chase anymore. Not sure you would want to tangle with a Condor.

  7. Very cute! Too bad about that woman's deck! It's not like if a bird poops on your car and you can just take it to the car wash! Sounds like a mess!

  8. Good grief! I wonder why so many would be attracted to this woman's deck? Maybe she had some kind of food out there that they wanted? What a mystery. I think I would have loved it...except for the cleaning up part. And Faith, I don't think you have to worry a bit, dogs will always be around.

  9. It probably didn't feel like they are endangered when they all showed up at her house! :)

  10. Enjoyed that conversation!

  11. I'm glad the condor didn't pooped on Faith's deck. I'm sure they wouldn't dare as long as Faith is around. Maybe, that lady needs to get a guard dog like Faith to protect her deck. I enjoyed the conversation.

    Hugs, Julia

  12. Ha ha, Faith is quite a funny girl! I bet she would chase those condors, endangered or not!

  13. OMG! LOLOL!!!
    you two need your own tv show.
    I would watch it.

  14. Dear Inger, Faith truly is one smart dog! And her human friend is a true lover of all creation. Peace.

  15. I do enjoy your conversations with Faith.
    But oh dear, that poor woman's deck.

    All the best Jan

  16. Ravens are also not that good. My mom keeps telling me stories and sending pictures of the graveyard where my grandparents are buried. Nearby ravens keep trashing the entire graveyard. They pluck out all the flowers, pick up and drop candles, poop everywhere and create chaos. Maybe in a way, Faith, you saved mom from trouble by chasing them away. :)

  17. I saw the photo and thought, Thank goodness that’s not me! Yukky. But glorious, the comeback the condors have made since they were nearly extinct.

  18. hahaha, pooping and faithless conversation!

  19. I love your conversations with Faith. Amazing that not many condors are left, yet some of them managed to get together to attack the woman's deck. What a job to clean up after them.


  20. Hi Inger and Faith ... it's such a pity to read the condors were shot - how sad. Faith you might be interested in the fact that the Tower of London in England has a new raven ... they have to have ravens for good luck ... the new one, a female, is called Branwen. Glad you're happily chatting together - cheers Hilary


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