Monday, May 3, 2021

Conversations With Faith -- The Great Migration Of The Swedish Moose

Faith: What are you watching?

Me: The Great Annual Migration of the Swedish Moose. 

Faith: What's that?

Me: Swedish TV has set up 29 cameras along the annual trek of the moose and show them on TV, walking through the forest. 

Faith: How far do they walk?

Me: About 400 miles.

Faith: That sounds like a very long way to walk. Why do they do it? Is it for excercise?

Me: No, they spend the winter in the coastal areas and then they trek back to the mountains for the summer. And it's all for food

Faith: So their food doesn't come in a can or a bag, like ours?

Me: No they eat grass, weeds, and leaves off trees.

Faith: Like the cows next door?

Me:  Yes, but the moose have to walk through deep forests and swim across a wide river that's very cold. I just saw that the water temperature is 32F. I'm just watching it now, this is a very big river with a long way from shore to shore. 

Faith: Do you see any moose.

Me: No, just a Swedish forest and the river. 

Faith: No moose. Sounds boring.

Me: No, it's not boring to me, 

Faith: Do you miss Sweden?

Me: A lot sometimes., 

Faith: Any moose yet?

Me: No.

Faith: Sounds like a good show to go to sleep by. 

Me: It's called Slow TV, I think. And you're right it's a very good show to go to sleep by. 

Faith: Wouldn't work in America, people want fast-moving shows here. 

Me: You can click at the bottom and move forward to where the moose are. Little squares show you where they are and other animals too. I saw a herd of reindeer, and a red fox running on the rocky shore of the river, looking for something to catch for dinner. And I've seen cranes too, and many water fowl. And just now I saw a beaver working on his house.

Faith: Good, but it still sounds pretty boring. I think I will take a little nap now. 

Me: OK, sweet girl, mama loves you.

Faith: You forgot my birthday.

Me: I know, but I remembered later and gave you some ice cream to lick on. 

Faith: But nothing on your blog. Nothing like what Samson gets every year.

Me: I'm sorry, but it doesn't mean I don't love you.

Faith: It just means your'e old and can't remember stuff.

Me: That's what it means. 

OK, here it is: On April 28, 2021, Faith had her 7th birthtday.

Happy Birthday, dear Faith, Happy Birthday to You.



The moose is the National Animal of Sweden and Swedish TV documents the annual migration of some of the moose from their winter home in the coastal areas to their summer home along the slopes of the mountains to the west. 

The migration of the moose, as documented on Swedish TV, covers about 400 miles with 29 cameras set up along the way. 

The most exciting part, I imagine, is waiting for the moose to show up at this wide and very cold river. The first moose arrived at the river on Sunday and began to swim across. This was duly noted in the newpaper part of Swedish TV at 

I took some photos, but right now I'm having problems with Google photos. So no moose today.

Link to the Great Swedish Moose Migration


  1. Hello,
    Wow, the moose have to walk a long distance for their food. I love watching the nature shows. Happy Belated birthday to Faith, she is a sweetie! Have a happy day!

  2. Happy Birthday Faith. Hope you enjoyed your ice cream. I always enjoy your conversations. You are so smart and often make me giggle. Love your look on life.

  3. I am so glad I don't have to walk 400 miles for my food, although I might lose a few pounds doing it. in the animal world every one works in one way or another for their food supply, and that causes me to wonder why humans think they should get theirs with out working for it..

  4. Hi Inger - how lovely for you to watch 'slow moose' from your homeland ... and telling Faith about them ... happy days. Also Happy Birthday Faith - congratulations on reaching your 7th birthday ... Just have fun together ... lots of cuddles and smiles - but don't leave Samson out?? ... with thoughts - Hilary

  5. Happy Birthday sweet Faith. Did you know that 7 years in dog age is equivalent to 47 in human age. So in seven years you have accumulated a lot of wisdom. I wish you a long, long life.

    The moose migration documentary sounds very interesting. Nature is so amazing.

    Take care, hugs

  6. Thanks so much for the moose migration. News to me, and very interesting. Slow TV is a scandinavian invention, I think.

    Good to learn to slow down!

  7. This is so cool that you are letting us watch it! I am coming back later today with a cup of coffee. I did not know you can get Swedish T.V., you must have gotten it on the computer. Sounds awesome, we love all the nature documentaries.

  8. Well, Happy Birthday to Faith! That documentary sounds pretty interesting!

  9. I always enjoy your conversations with Faith posts.
    Happy Birthday to Faith.

    Have a good week ahead.

    All the best Jan

  10. Happy Birthday Faith! I bet you would be good at rounding up those moose or showing them how to chase a ball!

  11. Belated birthday wishes to beautiful Faith, and Inger, this is a seriously fascinating website! I would never have known to track the moose, but I love the idea. :-) Slow, yes, but that's my speed these days.

  12. Happy Birthday Faith. 🎈🦴

  13. poor little Faith! to think we could forget her Birthday!
    it must have been important to her for her to mention it and want it on your blog.
    Happy Belated Birthday Faith! XO
    and the moose video is amazing. I would worry when they cross the Cold river! especially if there are any young ones. but that is nature. they do what they have to. thank you for sharing this! it's fascinating. and I'm glad it gives you a link with Home.
    I watch a vlog that comes from Stockholm. her name is Benita Larsson. she's a minimalist and that's how I discovered her. she's so relaxing to listen to! she's recovering from breast cancer and has the BEST attitude! the Scandinavians appeal to me in lots of ways.
    oh dear. I've written another book and all I meant to say... happy birthday to Faith and Hooray! XOXO

  14. I think that these moose are called elk in the United States. Ours migrate too!! Their biggest problem is that their migration routes are being blocked by new development.

    My friend who lives in Sweden just sent us a photograph of a reindeer up high in the mountains. He saw it while he was skiing up there!

    Happy birthday to Faith! I love your conversations with her

  15. I enjoyed this conversation - so cute ...and well you just forget things I guess, lol...poor Faith..


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