Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sunday Morning Reflections


All good things are wild and free.

~ Henry David Thoreau


  1. Hello,
    Great quote, so true!
    Happy Sunday, wishing you a great new week!

  2. I agree with that quote and what a precious beautiful deer and a lovely photo of it

  3. Oh I love that quote and I've never heard it before! Enjoy your Sunday my friend!

  4. יHow very true! The wild deer is both beautiful and free to look at and enjoy the sight.

  5. Lovely quote and picture. He is one of those I would have loved to have spent an afternoon with.

  6. Lovely photo; lovely quote!

  7. What a sweet photo. Either you were really this close, or you have a real good zoom.

  8. I used to love seeing deers around our place until they ravaged my vegetable garden and ate my tulips, blueberry bushes and hydrangeas... All my hard work for nothing. Their beauty is misleading, lol.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. Hi Inger - freedom to get on with life ... without our interference we hope. Beautiful to see ... lovely photo ... enjoy your week - Hilary

  10. what a beautiful picture!
    I managed to discover Thoreau when I was 16 years old
    and have loved him ever since.
    I probably didn't realize it then but looking back now...
    I'm sure he helped to form my minimalist ways and give me courage.
    the courage to be different and to revere the important things in life.
    not the things I could Buy!
    he was my first introduction to simple Awareness of all life. XO

  11. Dear Inger, remember that wonderful song, "Born Free"? I used to let the cats with whom I live roam the neighborhood, but after seeing Noah attacked by a dog I stopped. Noah jumped down on a pile of logs and the tendons on both his back legs snapped. the vet thought he would have to euthanize Noah, but he was such a good vet, that he did surgery and saved him. But that led to my keeping Noah and the three other Stillwater cats in the house and now I live with three who are always in. I've taken away their freedom and that concerns me. But I hope that they will live longer. Not sure of course. Peace.

  12. Hi human friend, Ojo here! We have those four-legged-plant-eaters here too! They're very beautiful, but annoy my people when they eat all their plants.

  13. Beautiful photo and fantastic quote Inger.

  14. Hello my dear friend!
    So glad to see your beautiful post. I don't have been seeing my friends blogs.
    I hope all is well with you.
    The pandemic in my country have been very bad.
    But fortunately me, my daughter, son, grandkids and daughter-in-law are well and safe!

    Sending big Hugs and Love to you!

  15. Great photo. It is good to see your name.

  16. That's a lovely photograph.
    I like the quote too :)

    All the best Jan

  17. Such a nice photo. I always like the quotes you choose.


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