Saturday, May 1, 2021

Country Life


The dogs are looking for something or someone they can smell, but not see. They are so alert to any noise or movement in nature.

I finished the Kitty jigsaw puzzle, it was a lot of fun. 

I went to see Joyce the other morning and then stopped by to look at the latest calf to be born. It's next to it's mom, with the slightly larger calf off to the side.  The rest of the animals are finishing up their breakfast.

While at her place, I spotted this goose and commented on it. Joyce said, take it, I have so much stuff. So I did and I think it's enjoying it's new life on top of the doghouse roof. It cheers me up every time I look at it. 

My computer tells me to lighten up this photo, but I like it just the way it is. I get a bit annoyed when my devices tell me what to do, even if they mean well. Which makes me wonder what life on earth will be like in another 100 years. 

Other than that, I can't seem to decide what to do about getting a new car. The other day, I looked at too many cars online and read too many reviews and customer comments. Ending up with new ideas of which car I want. Then thinking maybe I should stick with the original thought of the Honda HR-V.

From that to thinking maybe I should stick with the Jeep and save the money. That thought lasts every day until about noon when the winds pick up again. My Jeep is a two-door version with a soft top, so no fun to drive in windy weather. Which by now is every day.

Right now the weather report on my Kindle says winds: WNW 32 mph. 

I have laundry in the washer and no way can I hang it on the lines. The wind picked up sooner than usual today. I have no idea what to do, except hang it in the bathroom. It's been done before, so no big deal. 

Happy weekend, dear friends.


  1. Great job on finishing the puzzle. :)
    I hate it too, when computers and phones do things for you that you don't want!!!

  2. love the puzzle, and the views. A new car, the more I would Google different ones, I,too, would be confused, will it be brand new or a recently used one? We have decided to stay with the one Mitsubishi, the number of times I would drive now doesn't warrant the cost. Several years ago the price might have been $4000, now to get one that wouldn't need repairs too soon would be nearer the $12,000, and I am so reluctant to spend that. Keep safe from Covid and the wind.

  3. I hear you on the back and forth about the car. Sounds as if you do need an enclosed vehicle, whatever you get.

  4. I love making puzzles and find it so relaxing but I do them mostly in the winter after Christmas when things slows right down. I love doing puzzles anytime but seem to never have much spare time during the day.

    A car is a big expense and you are wise to take your time. The best thing you can do is test drive one and pick the one that suits you the best for your needs and budget. It will probably be with you for a long time so it's wise not to rush.

    Take care and enjoy the week.

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  6. I really like that cat puzzle. My cat thinks she is a tiger also. Buying a new car is a challenge but also fun. I haven't had one since 2003 but when ever I get one, I can't help but think "road trip.

  7. The wind here was bad today, about 40 mph. I like the new duck! your puzzle turned out really nice! Was it very hard? We have seen it in stores, but thought it looked too hard to buy.

  8. It's amazing how some dogs can hear, see and smell some of the things we can't.

  9. Hi Inger - wonderful photos ... and new car or no ... maybe as you say hang on in ... or check what Glenn say. I'm so pleased Joyce is there and you can visit and see the animals ... Your kitty puzzle is fun to see finished - well done. Washing and drying are never easy ... seems like an overnight in the bathroom ...

    Enjoy your canyon and the dogs ... and with lots of thoughts from a cold England! Cheers Hilary

  10. Love all the animal pictures at Joyce's place. And the goose is adorable. Looks like she has lots of pretty things. I never get tired of watching bow when he goes out in the backyard and his nose goes up in the air and whatever's out there he looks towards where it is and I don't see or hear anything but he does

  11. Hello Inger
    Love the cute kitty puzzle. The dogs, calf and critters are adorable. I like the cute yard ornament. It has been very windy here too, but at least it feels warmer now. Happy Sunday, wishing you a great new week!

  12. this is a sweet post and I LIKE all the pictures. sometimes the 'computer' can be TOO helpful! I like to see it the way You see it. not edited like a magazine would do!
    I am also making a car decision. it's hard.
    actually the weather we have here made it for me. we had an historic and horrific hail storm with 70 to 80 mph wind. smashed windows all over town. and destroyed cars. mine included. it's full of glass... broken speakers... dents the size of my fist. it was baseball sized hail. I can't imagine what people are feeling that had NEWER cars! it would be awful. our town looks like we survived a war! roofs... windows... cars... all of it.
    my car is super old. it's a toyota and a great little car. but not worth fixing the entire insides. the engine is OLD. other than a new battery and good tires... it would be silly to save it and then have something major go wrong even in a year or whenever!
    so I'm just going to let it go.
    the thought of buying a car is like going to the dentist for me. it's not what I think of as fun. maybe because I could never really afford it. LOL! all the dealerships in town are having to clean up and deal with their own losses too. it's just a pretty sad and costly situation all the way around right now.
    you have the same kind of winds that we do. it's always something to consider.
    good luck! xo

  13. I love the puzzle. It's so cute. Franklin and Penelope have a major case of the sniffs every morning when they first go outside. I always wonder what's been on the deck and in the backyard. I hope it's cats, not rats. Car decisions are difficult. I'm a Nissan woman so I don't bother to look at anything else. It narrows things down for me.


  14. good job on the puzzle - enjoyed all the photos and the gift from your friend. nice! good luck on finding the right car.

  15. I have an indoor clothesline, and an outdoor clothesline. It's hard to know what to do about your vehicle. You are in an area where you need both a lower profile and still need clearance. Hmm.

  16. That puzzle is great :)

    All the best Jan


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