Friday, November 26, 2021

Jasmine Drove Us

 to Bakersfield, on Monday. I was scheduled for a CT scan of my chest at Kern Radiology.  

With the holiday this week, it will be awhile before I know the results. 

In order to learn the results, I need to schedule another appointment with the Nurse Practioner, henceforth (oh what a lovely oldfashioned word) the NP in this story. Except I don't think she will appear in it again. 

I will then learn if I have COPD and also if I will need to use oxygen during the day. Day and night. -- All the time. 

Something I feel she could tell me over the phone. The cancer surgeon from UCLA called me to tell me I had breast cancer. It was a Thursday, trash day, and the noisy trash truck was on our street, rumbling away. I will never forget it, but at least I didn't have to drive a long way to find out. 
Strange thing is, I have no symptoms that I notice, just a little out of breath walking uphill. But the oxygen meter on my finger during the night told the night-time story, which determined that supplemental oxygen was needed.

For the record: Yes, I smoked, both my parents smoked. On December 21st, I haven't smoked for 28 years. Unfortunately, I've inhaled a fair amount of smoke from wildfires since then.  

From Novemer to March, fog is common in the Central Valley.  Tule fog, which is a radiation fog, can be very thick with low visibility, sometimes as little as eight feet. Fortunately, this fog was just the usual smog/fog morning condition in the valley. It disappears shortly after sunrise. 

I was very lucky after we arrived at Kern Radiology. First, there was no one in line to sign in. I was given the usual sign-in forms, I never filled anything out, as soon as I signed the forms, I was called. Jasmine came with me and we walked to the room with the scanner. 

I've been in MRI and other machines where you have to stay for more than half and hour sometimes. Here, I was just partially inside the machine, the tech did a few things, said, "inhale, hold your breath," a couple of times and I was done. 
It was the fastest and easiest test I've even had done.

Pretty soon, we were going back up the mountain, where I did one tiny little backseat driving comment, which I immediatly regretted and aplogized for. It's not always an easy mountain to manuever up, with it's multitude of trucks. Those with heavy loads going at close to standstill speeds.  

Jasmine did great!

And soon we turned in on my road and were home, greeted by two happy dogs. 

I'm so grateful for Jasmine's help. It's making a huge difference in my life. 

Living here, so far from everything, I can't afford to not want to drive. Fortunately, I still enjoy it and my new car. 



  1. So glad Jasmine went with you. Having a friend near when we have exams is such a blessing. I am surprised they haven't given you an inhaler to open up the bronchial tubes to make breathing easier. Hoping what they find has an easy fix. I have been dealing with COPD for years and it is doable. Let us know.

    1. I have had inhalers for a long time. I have no problems breathing. I'm doing breathing exercises.

  2. I'm glad that Jasmine is such a good friend and was able to accompany you.I hope that you don't have COPD and that they will be able to set your mind at rest. Waiting for results seems to take so long.

    Take care.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Such a laborious process. I hope you get useful results. And I'm grateful for Jasmine's help to you, too.

  4. A friend who helps, and drives, what a blessing. I hope the news is OK, the problem fixable, and the results don't take too long. When Hugh had day surgery at our local hospital, each of our three friends who can usually help, they were all otherwise busy. As there is a local Health Shuttle, we made good use of the friendly driver and the vehicle. I am hoping when my second cataract surgery is done, my driving licence will be more than just local in our own 50km area.

  5. Hi Inger - Jasmine sounds a real blessing and I'm so glad she's around for you - also went with you to the various tests etc ... I'm glad the breathing itself is easier and you're settling into doing them regularly.

    Tule fog - an interesting fog ... I was interested to read up about it.

    I'm glad you're still driving, though not the long ones ... take care and stay safe - all the best and with thoughts - cheers Hilary

  6. Tests are truly something I do not like to do and I agree, just call me, or even email me like Beaus Vet did.. I pray yo will not have to have the oxygen during the day. i refuse to go on my healt care rant today and will just say YAY for having a driver... I would want to do the driver but would like someone with me unless its Bob who can NOT stop maying comments from the passgenger seat

  7. Pay constant attention to your body's reactions! If you've got only slight symptoms (when going up the hill), then perhaps it's not COPD.
    Anyway, Good Luck with your test!

  8. How good to have Jasmine drive you, that is comforting to have a caring person with you. I hope all your health news is good from now on.

  9. So pleased that Jasmine can help you out.
    Good luck and my good wishes as you wait for the test results.

    All the best Jan


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