Monday, November 8, 2021

A Foggy Morning And A Trip To Town

On Tuesday last week, I saw a therapist. I don't know who referred me, and I was curious. As it turned out, our city or some entity thereof received a grant for the purpose of providing therapy, mental and emotional, for people with diabetes. 

This really impressed me. It seems to me that people in general  take diabetes far too lightly, like it's a nothing disease. 

All you have to do is manage it, I've heard. 

Yeah, right, ever so easy. 

Of course it isn't.

So I was happy to go and learn what this was all about. As it turned out, I really liked the therapist and could talk to her about anything I wanted, not just diabetes. I did, I talked about the recent cloud on my horizon: lung disease, oxygen, breathing. 

I even made her laugh out loud. Which made me feel good. I will see her again. Her name is Terry and I really like her.

Then I went to the post office. See the man coming out the door? He wasn't there when I started to lift my phone for the picture, so he's a mistake. But he gave me the evil eye as he approached, as if I were stalking him or something. 

I love trains and  never mind waiting for them to pass at a railroad crossing. 

I drove around for awhile, looking for trees with pretty fall colors. They don't look quite as strong and good as in previous years. Maybe it's too dry. But I found some, these are in our Albertsons parking lot. 

Many pretty trees on this street.

It was fun driving around taking pictures. I think I will give up on phone pictures and maybe get a little point and shoot camera, something light. I have a camera, but it's heavy and for me a bit complicated. I only want to take what we used to call snapshots. Quick and easy ones. 

A street view with a large tree on the corner. Our town has many beautiful, large trees everywhere. So different from the canyon. 

Before I drove back home, I decided to stop at the Dollar Tree store, where I haven't been since the pandemic began. I was curious to see if everything was still a dollar. 

It was and I stocked up on some cleaning supplies, candles, and even some cheese. Not something I would normally buy there, but I had grilled cheese in mind. I used to eat that a lot, but haven't for many years. I'm in the mood to try it again. Maybe with that Creole seasoning I'm so fond of now, sprinkled on top.

On that note, I will end this and wish you all a happy day.


  1. I love Dollar Tree and shop there before going to the big box stores.

  2. I was in dollar tree last week for the first time, not as much as they usually have but still a dollar. a great store. so glad you liked your therapists. YAY... you and your cell did well on the photos, I see nothing wrong with them at all

  3. I think phone cameras are great and handy. I don't even have cell service here but am thinking of getting one just for the camera.

  4. Hi Inger - I loved looking round Dollar Tree when I was in Canada ... a fun shop - looks like you had a useful time, as well as buying the treat - `I hope the grilled cheese tasted as good as am thinking it was!! Cheese on toast now- would be good!!

    So pleased you found a therapist you are happy to visit and who is helpful - that's great to know. The trees around town look pretty ...

    As you have to carry your phone with you - I'd get used to the phone camera - makes life simpler ... one machine!! Your photos have been fine ...

    With thoughts from a yellowing England! Cheers Hilary

  5. I am amazed at what that store has. Cheese?!

  6. Down here having the mobile phone on you when out and about is necessary as we have to scan the code sign on the door before going into any shop or business. Then we get a record on our phone with updates, and a message if we have been close to a positive Covid Case.I like taking photos with my phone but will say the big Canon does do a much better image. Your trees are so beautiful dressed in autumn finery.

  7. Our church group often ask us to buy little gifts for the homeless and the Dollar Store have a good selection of useful gifts.We fill our bag and make someone happy.

    Take care and stay safe and well.

  8. I always check out my local Dollar Tree. This past time I went many of the shelves were bare. Nice to hear that you have a therapist you like. That can be hard to come by!

  9. I have never seen this part of your town, it is lovely. And you do have such pretty fall color! How wonderful about this diabetes clinic! I hope you get a lot of really helpful info there.

  10. I love the pictures of your pretty town! You shopped at my favorite store! I have been the two Dollar Trees by my house and so far everything is still just a dollar. I hope it doesn't change too soon! I'm glad you like your therapist!

  11. I'm so glad you got to talk to a therapist, someone who understands your situation. That will help and give you some peace of mind. Love the photos around town and the good buys you got! Hugs!

  12. Yes, I have a small and simple to use Canon. Easier to use than my phone. Loved the trees.

  13. Terry sounds very nice, I'm pleased you really like her.

    I enjoyed seeing the Autumnal colours in your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  14. Terry sounds great! And the trees are gorgeous. I'm glad that you took so many photos!

  15. who in their right mind wouldn't think that diabetes is a frightful disease??? !!!
    even just having diabetes 2 is bad enough. there would be nothing better than having a therapist that Knows what you have to contend with! and even better... Knows how to HELP!
    I also love foggy days and TRAINS! it makes me think of the era of WW II.
    I used to (and still Do!) all the movies with foggy misty days and train whistles...
    and just the train itself. I always roll down my window so I can hear it and feel it in my chest! it's wonderful! XO (and ps... you take Beautiful pictures!)

  16. We have a dollar tree up in Big Bear so whenever we go there which we did the other day I'm always stocking up there. I can't wait for more of their Christmas candy ..anything with pepperment in it. Sounds like a good therapist

  17. It's wonderful that your area offers therapy for those with diabetes. With Type 2 I am attempting to deal through diet and exercise. But having a knowledgeable listening ear would be encouraging. Wishing you all the best. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed tagging along on your drive and Dollar Tree excursion, too!

  18. Hi Inger, that program for people with diabetes sounds like a supportive place. You sure found some goodies at the Dollar Store, and I like your beautiful photos.


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