Monday, November 29, 2021

Rust ~ Post No. 35

When Jane and Vince went to Death Valley, she found some rusty relics and forwarded their pictures to me. 

After all her contrubutions to my Rust posts, I just couldn't let them sit in my photos, so this is the first new Rust post, with more to come

I never paid much attention to rust before moving here, where so much was left behind by previous owners and left to rust.

Now, when see rusty objects, I wonder about their history. What were they used for, why were they were left, who owned them, what happpened?

I'm grateful Jane continues to keep an eye out for more rust on her travels. 


  1. We see rusted parts washing ashore on the beach. And, like you, I wonder where they were...what were they?

  2. I'm the same way about dilapidated buildings. They have stories that need telling.

  3. Hi Inger - yes rusty objects tell the history of the area ... and one day (unlikely I suspect) I'd like to visit Death Valley ... but I did go to the Valley of Desolation in South Africa - so have some idea. Excellent to see you'll be doing more rust posts - cheers Hilary

  4. Rust, any vehicle can tell a story I guess, but there it's so barren, maybe just broke down never to go again.

  5. maybe they drove that truck there back in 1934 and it quit running and they had to walk out of the desert and now their bones are out there hiding in the dust... i love the photo

  6. I assume it was an old truck that broke down and has been there a very long time as the wheels are no longer visible from the accumulation of sand. Now they reclaim metals from old vehicles to melt down and make new one.
    I wonder how far the person had to walk before he met someone to give him a drive.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Yes, I would wonder about their history as well. It would be cool to drag some home and use as yard decor! Maybe put a wreath or holly on one at Christmas.

    1. I had enough left beind on my land and I do have some as yard art. Maye I should repeat those, I'm sure I've posted them before.

  8. I too like the old rusted things.

  9. I always wonder the history of rusted things I see too! Like your picture. How did that old truck get there? Did someone just abandon it? Was it stolen?

  10. I also love Madsnapper's comment!

  11. I do wonder how that got there ... it makes a great photograph though.

    All the best Jan


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