Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The Old Oak Tree

This is a story about Google, Wikipedia and a tree from my childhood:

The other day, as I sat in bed resting, I began to think of an old oak tree in Sweden.

This tree was located on Ekero outside Stockholm. 

My great-aunt, Magda, owned a summer house on the island and we often visited her there. As a part of our visits, we usually went down to hug this large old oak. 

There were too few of us in our family to ever be able to reach all the way around it's massive trunk and join hands. Still, it was a valuable nature lesson for us kids. 

I wondered if I could find out more about this tree, so I went to Google and wrote this:  

Old oak tree on Ekero in Lake Malaren, Sweden

And up came this: 

Ekeby Oak Tree - Wikipedia

The Ekeby oak tree (SwedishEkebyhovseken) is an oak tree in Ekerö outside StockholmSweden, close to Ekebyhov Castle. It is the largest living deciduous tree in Sweden by volume.[1]

The Ekeby oak is approximately 500 years old.[2] It was declared a natural monument in 1956.[3] There are many old trees around Ekebyhov Castle; the oak, sometimes called Ekeröjätten (the Ekerö giant) stands alone in a field south of the castle, where it had no competition for space from other trees.[4] It was measured in 2008 as the largest tree by volume in Sweden.[5]

I couldn't believe it! How great to find this tree from my childhood's summer days. It was just amazing. To learn it was an ancient and important tree was even better, I had no idea. 

What in the world did we do before the internet?

The Ekeby Oak Tree

Looking at pictures of this tree, you will not realize how massive its trunk is unless there's a person in the picture.  And while the picture you get if you click on the link isn't the best, at least it does have a person at the foot of the tree.  


  1. What a massive tree and think what all it has lived through in 500 years. So glad it is being protected and honored. You were fortunate to have met it as a youngster.

  2. it would take many people to hug that tree and it is amazing that you found it and remember it. its odd how some things stick with us our whole lives and then surface in our memory. so glad you found it. i am a huge fan of the internet

  3. Wow! What a massive tree. How fortunate that it is still growing and being protected.What a great find for you.
    Have a great day.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. That is AMAZING!

    500 years ago was 1521. Columbus hadn't even sailed the ocean blue.

  5. Hi Inger - how very interesting ... loved learning this - poor thing though, looks a little weary - but it's wonderful that memory is there for you. Just amazing ...

    Cheers and enjoy these memories - Hilary

  6. Amazing, and the snow splatter on the right hand side is a bird outline. Fancy you finding it still there and recognised for its massive size.

  7. WOW that is some HUGE tree and to be around for all those years!! Amazing!!

  8. ohmygoodness.
    what a magnificent tree.
    and that you knew it! and to know it's still there and still standing!
    trees are sacred to me. even as a child.
    I once had a secret place when I was 7 and lived in Colorado.
    it was in an old cottonwood tree. a hollow place in it was just the right size
    for a 7 year old girl who needed a special place.
    thank you for this wonderful post and memory! both yours and my own! XOXO

    1. Tammy, I love this. You are just the person I can imagine have a secret place in a tree when you were a child.

  9. How exciting! Such a great,important memory for you, from your life in your motherland, Sweden!

  10. Even as a child you knew that tree was special! How wonderful that it is a national monument now and protected! May it live 500 more and may all your "Google travels" be as happy!

  11. How fun to have your memory and then track it down on the internet. I love old and large trees, they seem to be calm and calming.

  12. Goodness me, that is a massive tree.

    All the best Jan


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