Friday, November 26, 2021

The Cookie Jar


What's Faith looking at so intently?

The cookie jar, of course. What's the cookie jar doing in my bedroom? I couldn't get it open, there's a tape around it and it's so hard to remove. I just didn't want to stand in the kitchen any longer, so I sat down on my bed. And why isn't my bed made? I only eat cookies in the morning if my blood sugars are too low. And I love to see my bed made. 

Faith is telling Samson that she was here first and should mommy happen to spill a cookie or two, they're hers. 

She's now given him the evil eye twice, but Samson is not deterred. I don't give them people cookies, just dog treats, and carrots, stuff like that, but no cookies. This little scene ended peacefully, as they always do. 


  1. Oh,oh, it looks like the dogs really want a cookie, Faith especially, giving the evil eye to poor Samson.

    It's cold and raining here and your bed looks warm and inviting. It makes me feel like crawling under warm blankets.

    Stay well and safe.

  2. It is the day after Thanksgiving and a good day to stay home and bond with our dogs. A lot of packaging is difficult to open, isn't it?

  3. Faith is giving you a hard to resist look. Hoping for a crumb maybe?
    Don't you hate over packaging? I hate Ensure which is marketed for older folks but it takes a box cutter and pliers for me to crack it open.

  4. Yes, you certainly have needed a box cutter.

  5. they always want what we eat and want it so beautifully, they look wonderful, hope all is well by now...

  6. It is so hard to get some packaging opened these days!!
    Hope you finally got a cookie. :)
    By the way I do keep the coins I find walking. Posted a picture on my blog for you.

  7. Gracie wishes she were there to beg for cookies too. She would fit right in. She says to tell Samson she still loves him dearly, even in her old age. She gets a fortune cookie every single morning and looks forward to it. Thank you for your kind, sweet comments on my post. We are so blessed to have you, Faith and Samson as friends. THANKFUL.

  8. I have some animal crackers when the doggies want a cookie, and the Mexican cookie called a "Maria." It is not sweet. It would be very hard to resist those begging eyes, especially Samson's sweet dark eyes!

  9. Hi Inger - lovely post ... about two gorgeous four-legged creatures. But I so agree that sticky stuff around tins of things can be a 'right pain' ... at least the animals have their biscuits - and you can have yours in times of need. Cheers Hilary

  10. Maybe crumb?!! Aww, come-on. Please?
    Sweet expression. So hard to resist.

    My nemesis is the individual juice bottle pull tabs. Just flick of the wrist and pops off, right? Nope. Won't budge.

  11. Hello,
    Why do they have to make packages so hard to open. Your doggies are so cute, waiting for the cookie crumbs. Have a great weekend!

  12. Ha ha!

    "Mommy, get up. It's time for cookies!"


  13. Mmmmm, I love those cookies. I would probably be fighting over them right alongside of Faith and Samson!

  14. Cute. I hope you were able to get the box open. I bought a container of these 2 weeks ago and they were gone in a flash!

  15. Sometimes packaging makes it so difficult to open things doesn't it.
    Loved the photographs and your narration :)

    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  16. Those are delicious cookies so I don't blame Faith and Sampson for wanting one!


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