Monday, January 10, 2022

A Family Photo & Mud


Isn't this a lovely family picture? The kids are eating, mom is resting and dad is watching over everyone. 

I just had to stop for awhile and take their picture before I drove home on our muddy road.

I don't drive in the mud if I can avoid it. I find it much more difficult than driving in snow. So I drive on the side, as you can see it's not as bad there. And I can't help but wonder who drives in the mud? Why is the mud full of tire tracks?

For some reason, it gets really difficult by my gate this year. And there I have no choice, I must drive through the mud, with two solid wood gate posts on either side, just waiting to get hit. 

I haven't had a problem for a long time because I emptied bags of pebbles there some years ago. I guess they've by now been absorbed in the mud. 

With the Jeep this would not be a problem, but with my new car, a bit of a worry. 

Sure enough, even at about 5 mph, the rear end started to slide. My policy with skids is to do as little as possible and in my long life of driving this has worked well for me. I did so again, plus whatever you are supposed to do, that thing no one can teach you because you just have to know it, feel it. 

Then my neighbor, Charles, who has a machine for such things, came and smoothed out the road for me. He did the entire road, which still has puddles and mud in it, but other than that is in better shape now.


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