Monday, January 10, 2022

A Family Photo & Mud


Isn't this a lovely family picture? The kids are eating, mom is resting and dad is watching over everyone. 

I just had to stop for awhile and take their picture before I drove home on our muddy road.

I don't drive in the mud if I can avoid it. I find it much more difficult than driving in snow. So I drive on the side, as you can see it's not as bad there. And I can't help but wonder who drives in the mud? Why is the mud full of tire tracks?

For some reason, it gets really difficult by my gate this year. And there I have no choice, I must drive through the mud, with two solid wood gate posts on either side, just waiting to get hit. 

I haven't had a problem for a long time because I emptied bags of pebbles there some years ago. I guess they've by now been absorbed in the mud. 

With the Jeep this would not be a problem, but with my new car, a bit of a worry. 

Sure enough, even at about 5 mph, the rear end started to slide. My policy with skids is to do as little as possible and in my long life of driving this has worked well for me. I did so again, plus whatever you are supposed to do, that thing no one can teach you because you just have to know it, feel it. 

Then my neighbor, Charles, who has a machine for such things, came and smoothed out the road for me. He did the entire road, which still has puddles and mud in it, but other than that is in better shape now.


  1. so happy he could help with the road. i know it hurts to get mud on your pretty car and also the fear of sliding at the same time. its odd to hear the desert is mud. we are still in drought. of course we are all pavement not mud.

  2. The road is a public matter, and as such it should be taken care of by the municipality. Perhaps you should file a complaint/request about it.

    1. Ours is a private road, Joyce and I share the responsibility to take care of it. Fortunately, she has this arrangement with her tenant so he takes care of it.

  3. I'm glad your neighbor helped. I never encounter mud, always driving on pavement. It's treacherous stuff, mud!

  4. How nice of your neighbor to work on the road. They sure get rutted out here, the soil is sandy. Enjoy your day! Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. Probably the ones driving down the center have 4 wheel drive and want to test it out.
    So glad your neighbor came through for you.

  6. My dear Inger!
    Thanks for your nice words to me!
    I received your email, but I don't know why I could not to sent to your email. I received that it was failled.
    My email is ok in your email?
    Sendig big hugs!

  7. This is my answer to you that I could not send to you.

    Dear Inger,
    I am so glad with your words. Thanks so much!
    I miss you so very much!
    I hope you are very well!!
    I also miss so much visit your beautiful blog and I was very sorry with de passed away of Samson. So lovely Samson!
    Wishing you and Faith a Good New Year, with Joy, Health and Peace.

    Yes, It have been very difficult to me writing my blog since Carlos passed away in August 2018.
    I miss so very much him by my side. But there is nothing that I can do about this sad loss.
    In this time of terrible Covid, everything gets worse due to the isolation and the loneliness. I live alone.
    My daughter Sofia lives in the same city, near my apartment.
    But my son Fernando and his family, lives in a city 40 km far away my city Avaré.
    I haven't seem my grandchildren Daniel (11 years) and Carolina (9 years) for over more one year and half.

    I am staying at home because of the omicron.
    Here in Brasil there are so many new infections every day.
    I don't know how is the situation where you live. I hope there is safe and that you are very well!
    I am luckily that me and my family are fine.

    I will wrote to you another email soon! And I will visit your beautiful blog often too.
    You are a person very optimistic and it is so good to read your words!

    Sending lots of Hugs and Love to you too, my dear friend!

  8. Hi Inger - that's great Charles is another good neighbour for you - and you can keep your 'new car' safely uninjured!

    Lovely scene with the cows in your Canyon ...

    Take care and all the best - Hilary

  9. That is a nice picture of the cows. Living in Michigan I have learned to drive on slippery roads. Going slow is the key. That was nice of your neighbor to fix your road.

  10. Oh gosh! Well, SOME men love driving in the mud, and it is a fun sport to them! Boys will be boys. I think thereare NO ladies who enjoy this though!

  11. The road looks pretty dry on the side, and I would drive on the side too like I have to do sometimes when I have to go to the potato field at our farm. I'm glad that you have a good neighbour to fix your road.

    A great photo of the cattle. I bet they are anxiously waiting for the grass to grow.


  12. That would be a thrill ride going fast down that mud...nice of your neighbor and you figured it out by driving down the side.

  13. Walking in mud isn't so great either - it is very slippery.
    So nice of your neighbor to smooth it out for you.
    Love the picture of the family. :)

  14. I am also surprised that you are having problems with mud there in the desert. Obviously there has been rain and that is a good thing. Years ago, before our county road was paved, we drove about seven miles on a dirt/muddy road.

  15. I'm late as always. but this is a post full of love. for the cattle family.
    and your neighbor Charles being such a good neighbor and that you got home safely.
    it's the little things always. and you have the gift of realizing that! bless you Inger!
    have a good rest of the week! xoxo

  16. Now that is a kind neighbor. I hope you can get some more pebbles to place at your gate, now that the road has been smoothed.

  17. Love the family picture!...Glad the mud sorta got cleared up...

  18. I do like the family photograph.
    That was so nice and helpful of your neighbour.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  19. Love the photos especially the family of cows.

    So nice of your neighbor to help you out.


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