Friday, January 28, 2022

Trouble In Paradise


Faith, who will be eight years old in April, has never been sick or injured in her entire life. She's never vomited, torn something while running full speed and ducking just in time to get under a barbed wire fence or playing in the mess under one of these junipers.

Until now, when she injured her cheek. I first noticed it after she scratched and bled the other day. So I treated the wound with antibiotic cream and dug out one of these cones, I had two. She definitely didn't like it, showed me she was really disturbed by it.

"Don't worry, mommy will fix it for you," I said, and petted the top of her head. Then I got the scissors and started cutting to trim it back.

Doesn't she look miserable, poor thing.

Here I've cut it back some, but, based on the location of the injury, I could cut it back some more.

Here is the final result. And what would we do without duct tape? 

She can run around and go in and out of the dog door.

And she can chew on her balls and nyla bones, I think so anyway, after I show her that she can. We'll see. She's really miserable without them. 

Poor thing, I hope this wound heals well and really, really fast. 


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