Monday, January 24, 2022

Mountain Highway Driving

 with Jasmine, my greatniece, who will be eighteen soon. 

Though new to driving, Jasmine is a very good driver. I feel completely comfortable with her driving me, while I enjoy myself taking pictures and thinking about my blog. 

Here we are in the Central Valley, as the San Joaquin Valley is now most often called. We're heading toward the mountains in the east.

When spring comes, something will be growing in these fields.

For now, it was lovely to see some green grass, weeds or whatever this is. Nothing green grows in the canyon right now.

Mist enhances a landscape, doesn't it?

 While trucks do the opposite. This is what you encounter, driving up the mountain. 

In 2016, there was an article in our local paper which noted that 40,000 trucks, like these, pass through the facility that checks them each month. And counting, it said. True, I see so many that just don't stop to be counted. Just want to keep on going and who can really blame them. 

Even though I don't live close to the highway, you can't help but wonder what this does to your air. 

Jasmine is handling the drive so well. I don't think I could have done that at almost 18. 

 A view of a mountain wilderness.

And the first sign that we're approaching town.

And the next, indicating that the first exit into our town is coming up. 

And soon we will be home. 

I'm so thankful for Jasmine's help.


  1. Hello,
    It is nice to have someone else driving so you can take photos. I am usually always doing the driving. I am glad your great niece is a good driver. Pretty views of the landscape, the trucks make me nervous. Take care, enjoy your new week!

  2. Isn't it wonderful to be a passenger and even better with a camera ready. I remember 18 and know your niece enjoyed the driving probably more than you being driven.
    We do need what those trucks transport but sure wish they were a little more environmentally engineered. Wonder if they will ever make an electric semi?

  3. I'm thankful for her help to you. Was this the Bakersfield trip? Such a change to be a passenger.

  4. Hi Inger - that's great to have company ... and someone to drive you around - it's always good to get out and see the changes happening in one's locality. Love the mountains and the misty views ... very happy to feel your joy - cheers to you and to Jasmine - Hilary

  5. That is beautiful scenery! There are a lot of trucks. Driving by a lot of trucks makes me nervous so good for you great niece!

  6. I'm glad that Jasmine is able to drive you around once so you could enjoy the view and have companionship. When I was 18 years old, there wasn't the traffic there is now. We have become such a consumer society and that's why there are so many trucks on the road. In our town, we no longer have trains to transport goods and that means more big trucks on the road.

    Take care and stay safe and well.

  7. Ignore the word "once" I was going to say "once in a while" but changed my sentence without removing "ounce"


  8. I hate it when I am surrounded by these big semis. We usually take another route to avoid them. Love the mist shot!

  9. Trucks are a necessity to move goods, more so in these Covid and Omicron times. But they are huge and sometimes intimidating, guess they have to run to their timetable.Lovely to have a younger safe driver.

  10. Those trucks sure can be intimidating. Jasmine handled the challenge and kept you safe and happily recording your journey through interesting terrain. On our 31-day trip our west in 2021, we tried to stay off the interstates as much as possible, but even on mountain backroads we encountered the semis delivering necessities to the general stores in small communities.

  11. So nice to see those pictures...Looks like where we would drive when we went south.... Some days I really miss it!

  12. You captured some beautiful scenery on the drive.

  13. I love being a passenger just so I can enjoy the scenery like you did - It doesn't happen much for me these days, and I suppose that is okay! 🥰

  14. what wonderful pictures!
    and I'm So glad to hear you have family nearby.
    for some reason I have always pictured you all alone out there!
    it's comforting to know you have dear friends and family if you need them.
    and just for your own heart/soul sake! one can still be independent but sometimes
    need that extra little help! Jasmine did a wonderful job of driving! XOXO

  15. It is great to have Jasmine, a driver you trust, to allow you to take photos, isn't it? :-)

  16. Well done to Jasmine ... and thank you for some lovely photographs.

    All the best Jan

  17. she does a good job driving. Are those mountains to the east the Sierra Nevada mountains?


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