Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Another Puzzle Done


I finished this puzzle over the holidays. Still only 300 pieces.

I started a new one, also 300 pieces, but instead of cute dogs, it has about a gazillion kitties wreaking havoc in somebody's kitchen. 

It's also very cute. 

After that, I know I want to do one with a different motif. A city scape, perhaps. Or a painting. Those are mostly 1000 pieces. Too much for me right now.

I have a couple with 550 pieces. After I finish this next one, I may try one. 

And work my way up to a city view puzzle. They even have a Stockholm puzzle on Amazon. I only found one and it depicts one of the smaller islands on which the city is built, called Riddarholmen. A church by the same name is located on this island. 

Maybe when I get better at puzzles, I will do it. 


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