Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Another Puzzle Done


I finished this puzzle over the holidays. Still only 300 pieces.

I started a new one, also 300 pieces, but instead of cute dogs, it has about a gazillion kitties wreaking havoc in somebody's kitchen. 

It's also very cute. 

After that, I know I want to do one with a different motif. A city scape, perhaps. Or a painting. Those are mostly 1000 pieces. Too much for me right now.

I have a couple with 550 pieces. After I finish this next one, I may try one. 

And work my way up to a city view puzzle. They even have a Stockholm puzzle on Amazon. I only found one and it depicts one of the smaller islands on which the city is built, called Riddarholmen. A church by the same name is located on this island. 

Maybe when I get better at puzzles, I will do it. 


  1. This one is absolutely adorable! And those puppies look like what phase probably look like when she was small. I have never put a puzzle together except a couple of the online. I should buy one and see if I could make myself do it

  2. Love the cute dogs, birds and critters. A cute puzzle. Take care, have a happy day!

  3. How cute. I work a small puzzle on my IPAD ever day. It's a free one and different each day and I love doing puzzles. Enjoy your day!

  4. Well done Inger - must be fun and satisfying ... I've never been a puzzler ... my SIL has one going over Christmas (large one!) ...

    Happy New Year from a bright sunny south coast - bliss to see the sun. Cheers Hilary

  5. Great job on that adorable puppy puzzle. Thanks to my cat, puzzles are a no-no. She loves to scatter them.
    I do work some on my computer. Not the same but she can't mess them up.

  6. A cute puzzle, Inger. I love doing puzzles as it takes my mind away from the troubles of the world and it's such a great passtime.

  7. I have a couple of puzzles I was saving for January, and haven't embarked on them yet. Not very big ones. Meanwhile I'm playing solo card games in the evening, very calming.

  8. LOL! I see that the picnic was apparently made Just for the puppies!
    I've been reading all the comments as I always do...
    and I had no idea that you can do this kind of puzzle on the internet!
    I swear. I am just barely in the 21st century! LOL!

  9. The more I looked, the more I saw, this is so lovely. I do them online, the bought ones are so expensive down here. But to find one of Sweden would be exciting.

  10. Great work! I find it hard to concentrate on a puzzle! They take me years to do.

  11. We did this one! It is so adorable. I forget it's real name, but it shoud be called "Animal Picnic"

  12. You're doing better than I am. I am so bad at puzzles that sometimes I tried to pound two pieces together! But I just love how they look when they are done. That's pretty enough to frame! The Riddarholmen puzzle sounds beautiful -- and challenging!

  13. Growing up my mom always had a puzzle going on a thin sheet of plywood on the kitchen table, in the evenings after dinner and homework I would sit there and work on it with her and just talk. It brings back great memories now to see your puzzle. My mom is now 85 and still loves puzzles, however it's too difficult for her to sit for long periods so we gave up on puzzles.

  14. It's such a cute puzzle, I like it.

    All the best Jan

  15. I always enjoyed doing puzzles but with a cat forgettaboutit.. The cats puzzle should be fun.


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