Friday, January 14, 2022

Getting Ready For A New Puzzle


Much as I love candles, a puzzle requires better light. 

This is the dining area in my house. I inherited the table from the mom of a friend of Errol's and mine. Nothing matches in my house, and it works for me. 

When we first moved here, we actually went to a furniture store and bought a new living room set and a new master bedroom set. The master bedroom is still intact, but all the dogs that lived here pretty much did away with the matching recliner and love seat we had in the living room. That love seat was perfect for so many of them to sleep on. Or stand on to look out the window. Or have accidents on, as not all found street dogs were potty trained and it would take awhile to train them. 

I really don't like the sorting part and I've seen on the blogs how people, much more advanced than I in the art of solving jigsaw puzzles, organize the pieces. Much larger piles of pieces.

I have my own method and I suspect I sort the pieces more finely, more piles, than than those more advanced than I. 

As I began this puzzle though, I noticed something:

I'm getting better at this!


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