Friday, February 11, 2022

Conversations With Faith


Me: So did you hear what happened at the White House?

Faith: Lots of things happen at the White House, I think that pretty lady who talks to the press caused a ruckus. 

Me: I don't think that was her fault and that's not what I was thinking about. I was thinking you may have something to say about this new arrival at the WH. 

Faith: I hadn't heard. Has the German shepherd dog been rehabbed and allowed to come back?

Me: No, he's still in Delaware.

Faith: I bet he's missing his parents a lot.

Me: Yes, and they're missing him, but it's all for the best and I'm sure they see each other in Delaware. 

Faith: So what's the big news? 

Me: Guess!

Faith: Ah, I know, it's a cat!

Me: You're right, the much talked about and anticipated Biden cat has finally arrived at the White House. 

Faith: Cats are small and up to no good. Will it be allowed to roam freely in there?

Me: What do you mean, up to no good?

Faith: Well, for example, it could jump up on something and overturn some precious porcelain object, like a vase or a statue even. It could break and cost a lot of taxpayer money to repair or replace. 

Me: What do you know about taxpayer money?

Faith: Not much, all I know is that humans always complain about how it's spent. Spending on a WH cat, hmmm, you see what I'm saying?

Me: I don't think it would cause a revolution, exactly.

Faith: No, but maybe a small uprising. Anyhow, what's the name of this critter?

Me: The cat's name is Willow.

Faith: That's a very pretty name. How many dogs are there in the WH now?

Me: Only one, the young one, his name is Commander, I think.

Faith: That's a clever name. Calling him, you wouldn't have to say come here. Just Commander and he would think you said come here. It sounds so much alike. 

Me: It does, indeed. What a clever girl you are.

Faith: I know, that's why you can rest assured that no cat will ever set a paw in this house as long as I'm in charge of it. 


  1. hey there precious girl! you look so beautiful today. wish i could hug you. I heard Commander will be in a Super bowl ad and I did see a picture of Willow. so this means you are not a lover of cats. Beau loves cats, but they walk on me in my sleep so we can't have one

  2. Ha ha ha, tell us how you really feel about cats Faith?
    Love these talks with Faith. You two definitely have an understanding.

  3. Faith certainly has firm opinions. But that's dogs for you.

  4. I don't see a cat in your house in the near future if Faith has anything to say about
    Take care,

  5. Hi Inger - I see Faith is now in charge ... but I'm glad to have an update on Willow, as I hadn't picked up much on the WH new incumbent ... love cats and dogs (of course!) ... cheers Hilary

  6. I have two cats and I can confirm they are rascals!

  7. You are so smart and beautiful, Faith. I love it when you join in with your thoughts on the blog!

  8. I always enjoy your conversations with Faith :)

    All the best Jan

  9. In all our years of fostering, we've had to move a few dogs because of our cats, who are of course here first and are calling the shots. In this case, it's a total switch and Faith is. 🥰

  10. I LOVE IT! and I needed this Wonderful and Wise conversation with your best friend.
    it made me laugh right out loud.
    have a joyful weekend you two! XO

  11. No cats for you! Faith loves all the attention to herself!

  12. hahahah... no cat will ever step foot in your house...lolol. love it.


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