Friday, February 11, 2022

Conversations With Faith


Me: So did you hear what happened at the White House?

Faith: Lots of things happen at the White House, I think that pretty lady who talks to the press caused a ruckus. 

Me: I don't think that was her fault and that's not what I was thinking about. I was thinking you may have something to say about this new arrival at the WH. 

Faith: I hadn't heard. Has the German shepherd dog been rehabbed and allowed to come back?

Me: No, he's still in Delaware.

Faith: I bet he's missing his parents a lot.

Me: Yes, and they're missing him, but it's all for the best and I'm sure they see each other in Delaware. 

Faith: So what's the big news? 

Me: Guess!

Faith: Ah, I know, it's a cat!

Me: You're right, the much talked about and anticipated Biden cat has finally arrived at the White House. 

Faith: Cats are small and up to no good. Will it be allowed to roam freely in there?

Me: What do you mean, up to no good?

Faith: Well, for example, it could jump up on something and overturn some precious porcelain object, like a vase or a statue even. It could break and cost a lot of taxpayer money to repair or replace. 

Me: What do you know about taxpayer money?

Faith: Not much, all I know is that humans always complain about how it's spent. Spending on a WH cat, hmmm, you see what I'm saying?

Me: I don't think it would cause a revolution, exactly.

Faith: No, but maybe a small uprising. Anyhow, what's the name of this critter?

Me: The cat's name is Willow.

Faith: That's a very pretty name. How many dogs are there in the WH now?

Me: Only one, the young one, his name is Commander, I think.

Faith: That's a clever name. Calling him, you wouldn't have to say come here. Just Commander and he would think you said come here. It sounds so much alike. 

Me: It does, indeed. What a clever girl you are.

Faith: I know, that's why you can rest assured that no cat will ever set a paw in this house as long as I'm in charge of it. 


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