Tuesday, February 22, 2022

February 21st ~ How Could I Forget?


It was the 21st of February and my life was a bit of a temporary mess because my toilet was clogged. 

It was supposed to snow today, the 22nd, and one has to prepare.

So off I went to the grocery store because I was almost out of coffee and trashbags. I bought many good things in the store, but came home without coffee and trashbags. Oh, well.

The 21st of February was also a Federal holiday and the local plumber I called, didn't return my call. So I called Roto Rooter in Bakersfield and within an hour a very nice young plumber guy was here to help. 

The day went on, I still had that feeling there was something special about this day, but I just couldn't think of it. 

One of my sisters-in-law called. We seldom talk, so it was really nice.

Then in the evening, Riley calls. Riley and Errol's aunt Dorothy were married with us, on the same day, in our house in Pasadena. 

A double wedding on February 21, 1987.

Riley always calls me on this day.

How could I forget?

I asked, how many years ago?

Riley said, 35. 

I have sort of, if not cried, felt teary-eyed ever since. 

But Riley said, think of the good times you had together. And I'm pretty good at that. 

But still, how could I forget?

I will not worry about why, but I just find it interesting. 

Old age is very interesting to me. 

And a sense of humor is definitely required. 


  1. Bob and I totally forgot our anniversary on Feb 8th a couple weeks ago. my friend sent me an animated anniversary card in email and I started laughing and showed it to bob and we neither of us had any idea. we even knew it was the 8th because i asked him if he knew the date and he did not and I looked it up. that did not even throw up a memory flag. ours was Feb 8, 1985
    we are all in the same sinking memory boat, so have a good laugh and forget it. ha ha forgetting it should be easy, ha ha again Glad rotor rooter could come. we used them and they cost a tad more but the come quickly and do good work. we decided to use them and on our plumbing installs will always call Wyman Plumbing because they come and do it perfectly. like to install a water heater

  2. Well you did have a pending storm and plumbing problems to occupy your mind. Plus with Covid, knowing just the day of the week can be a challenge.
    It is good you have Riley to remind you. Smile through the tears as you remember the good times.

  3. Happy Anniversary dear Inger. With all that is going on in our world, I forget a lot of stuff. Getting older and forgetting seem to go hand in hand. We are lucky that we don't have Alzheimer, but just laps of memory sometimes.

    Things I don't want to forget,I have to make a note where I will see it every day. Thanks for reminding me that it will be our wedding anniversary in four days. For us it will be our 56th Anniversary. I had forgotten... hehehe.

    Hugs, Julia

  4. Happy anniversary, Inger even though Errol has gone ahead. I think it might be a blessing to forget now and then. the stress of our times makes it more difficult to keep track, I find. Good not to be too analytical about it.

  5. Interesting, the things we remember or forget. I have recently gone to the grocery store, come home with lots of things EXCEPT what I went for in the first place!

  6. wow that photo is beautiful and what a day you had. Those memories and the good ones i hope of the 35 years you were together. i had always thought I want to leave the planet first because I don't want to be the one dealing with the loneliness etc. i send you lots of hugs about that. Good that you got groceries in, and your toilet unclogged but yeah I get it - the two things you went for you forgot. Oh well like you said old age is .... I'll leave it blank because i don't want to drop a bad word. Anyway, thanks for your comment on my aquarium sketch - I put another one up today so if you happen to get by i hope it brings a smile to you.

  7. We do seem to forget things when we get caught up in the present. But sometimes that's a good thing. Hope you're having a good day sweet lady and thinking of happy times past and present! Hugs, Diane

  8. Happy Anniversary! For many years, I told others that are anniversary was Jan. 12 when it was actually the 11th. UGH!!

  9. It happens to the best of us. :)
    Beautiful sky.

  10. It is easy to forget a date. But you did not forget the love. Sometimes I think God makes us forget, for our healing, but He remembers. And WE remember the LOVE shared with those who have gone ahead of us.

  11. Hi Inger - life goes on and the plumber was more important, as too the shopping - though coffee was forgotten! Yet Errol will always be with you ... with all those wonderful times together ... take care - sent with hugs ... xoxo

  12. ... a sense of humour is always a good thing.

    That is a beautiful looking sky.

    All the best Jan


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