Thursday, February 24, 2022

Snow And A Gift

Yesterday, we woke up to a cold morning with snow. 

Faith and I went out early. She played, I walked and took some pictures.

Trying for an artistic shot, here and there. 

I have a friend here in the canyon, Lisa. I don't see her often, but when I do there's a strong connection, lots of love and caring on both our parts. Lisa gave me the scarf I'm wearing here, a long time ago, when she was in her office in town and I came in to get warmed up, because the weather had suddenly turned very cold. Lisa rushed out to her car and came in with the scarf, gave it to me, and wouldn't take no for an answer. 

It's made in Peru of alpaca yarn and I feel like an idiot to have accepted it. But what can you do? You can't very well give it back, and it's really like the advice you, my blogger friends, recently gave me about accepting help. 

It made Lisa happy to give it to me. It made me happy to receive it. 

I texted this picture to her yesterday morning and I think that made her happy all over again. 


  1. Wonderful Inger - what a gorgeous scarf .. perfect for the weather you've got right now. Lovely to see the canyon full of snow and to see Faith having so much fun ... lovely post - heartfelt and warming the heart as well as the neck!! ... Cheers Hilary

  2. what a super gift, love the scarf and perfect for the few times a year you need one.. i would not count snow as a gift but I can see how much Faith loves it. so sweet doing her zoomies in the new fallen snow...

  3. I'm guessing it was the perfect opportunity to give you a gift. And clearly something you liked! I've no doubt this is a two way street.

  4. Oh to have the joy of a dog in snow. It is such a pleasure to watch. What a thoughtful gift your friend gave you and you are right, she got quite a bit of pleasure giving it. Sweet of you to send her the picture of you wearing it.

  5. The photo of Faith is so uplifting and joyful, it makes me happy just to look at it. I have heard that alpaca fur is the softest and strongest of all, it is very expensive as well.

  6. 🙂 They say a friend is someone who lets you help.


    There is nothing as happy as a dog in snow!

  7. What a happy picture. Faith looks definitely happy in the snow. I'm sure she feels invigorated. I'm sure you welcome the snow too.

    The Alpaca scarf looks warm for cold days. My late daughter, Nicole bought an alpaca hat and scarf from Peru for her father one year.

    Stay well and safe.

  8. You have good friends - you are so blessed. Love the snow photos. I was out yesterday taking some and will probably go back out for a good walk today as the sun is out and the roads have been plowed except ice remaining on the shady side of the streets. Stay warm!!

  9. She certainly blessed you with a warm scarf and her warm heart!

  10. I do like your snow photographs.
    That scarf must be so lovely and warm.

    All the best Jan

  11. A gift is a delight for the giver, and also for those who receive, your scarf is beautiful, and a true gift from a true friend. Snow, keep warm, looks like Faith loves to play out there.

  12. Oh you got some snow. :) Looks like Faith sure enjoyed it.
    How nice of Lisa to give you the scarf. Alpaca yarn is so very nice!
    I think accepting a gift from someone is just as important as giving one. I know it makes me happy to give someone something. :)

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  14. That was a nice gift and I'm glad you showed her how much you appreciate it!

  15. A precious scarf and two women enjoying a dear friendship. The snow is so pretty and white and Faith has a nice warm fur coat.


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