Tuesday, February 8, 2022


The pulmonary nurse practitioner said I must use my inhaler and also walk to avoid progressive disease, ending up with COPD. 

I've always loved my walks and thought I still always walked. But once I really focused on it, I found I did not. Not really, just very short walks. 

I know this is due to issues with my lungs. Damn cigarettes, I haven't smoked since 1993, and now I can't walk. My legs are fine, I skated all my young life, on hockey skates, I rode horses, I walked and hiked.

Because my land is hilly and at 4100 feet, my lungs get more of a workout than if I were to walk on the beach. So I don't walk very far when I walk. 

I decided to get serious, put my pedometer in my pocket and walk every day. I'm now focusig on building up my endurance. 

The other day, I walked in a snowstorm, not one of soft large snowflakeds, but of small and stingy ones, with a cold, strong wind lashing at my face, my cheeks bright red. 

This was the best, most invigorating walk I've had in years. 

And this is how the coyotes walk. It's hard to imagine how they are able to control their four paws to hit the ground like this. 


  1. Good for you, for attending to your walking. I agree, it's easy to walk less without realizing it.
    Coyotes are like cats. Such perfect balance, stepping into their own prints in a straight line. We have them but rarely see tracks.

  2. I love your bright blu sky. Walking is one of the best exercise for your lungs. In no time I bet that you'll notice the difference and I also think that it will help you sleep better. I'm sure Faith will be delighted and will want to accompany you every day.

    The first time I started working at the farm, I was not in good shape but since I had to walk a lot, in no time I saw a big difference in my endurance. At first every leg and hip muscles hurt but it was because of all the walking I had to do every day in order to get all my work done. I'm back out of shape because I don't walk in winter for fear of falling on the ice.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. Aww Inger, I feel your pain. I quit cigarettes in 1976 yet still deal with lung issues. They are nasty, nasty things. However, if I hadn't quit, I sure wouldn't have made it this far. Your PNP is so right and walking is wonderful for the lungs. I also understand about inclines. I sure miss the flat lands of Florida. Keep up the good work. It does pay off.

  4. I am so glad you are walking and I know how hard it is to inspire ourselves to walk alone. Now that I have Beau and he is my parnter it is not as hard, but i would do better with a person. prayers and hugs for you to be able to keep on walking

  5. Hi Inger, I left a comment but it didn't publish so I'm testing to see if my comment goes through

  6. I am so glad that you are walking. It sounds as if you are enjoying the process and being out in all sorts of weather. Bravo.

  7. Hi Inger - you are in a beautiful part of the world and are fortunate you can get out and walk about ... I know the heat is really stressful ... and hope you can get up early and get a 'good' walk in. Well done on getting on with it ... cheers Hilary


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