Monday, August 8, 2022

Visiting Joyce's Mom & Her Garden

This post is for my friend in Copenhagen: Annette, you would have loved this garden so much. 

Joyce and I visited her mom, Irma, in Los Angeles last Thursday. Los Angeles freeway traffic wasn't too bad, but I was grateful for Joyce driving us. 

Joyce's parents live in a lovely place in the big city. And their home has a beautiful garden. Every time I visit, I see new trees and new flowers that I hadn't noticed before.

The garden is lush and green and it really has a sort of magical effect, it's so large, with trees so huge, their canopies give so much shade. You would have to be a poet to describe the effect this garden has on me. 

This is Irma catching the oranges Joyce is picking for her. 

Irma's garden has oranges, avocados, lemons, mangoes, papayas and so much more.

Beautiful flowers are everywhere.

This rose had a heavenly scent.

A yellow rose, my favorite flower.

The variegated leaves of this iris were just magnificent.

This avocado tree is large and massive. I believe earlier generations of Joyce's family lived here and planted some of the trees and plants in the garden.

There were plants growing close to the ground and plants in pots. 

And a place to sit awhile.

On the way home, we got caught in a desert downpour. It was powerful, but short-lived. 

Fortunately, later at night, the cayon was blessed with a thunder storm that brought some more rain. 

I was so tired, I have no idea how long the storm lasted. But I'm so grateful for the rain.

And also grateful that Faith is not afraid of thunder and lightning. 

Just a bit concerned, looking at me - like: Hey, mommy, why don't you just make this stuff go away? 

Then we both fell asleep.



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