Friday, June 11, 2010

Desert Mountain Skies

Yesterday, I felt a bit deceptive as I plunged into a lot of self-pity after I had posted some positive insights on my blog the day before. We had the worst windstorm up here in the canyon. This is a very windy area, but this was one of the really bad ones. And cold too! And I just don't like wind much. I couldn't go outside and work, which is what I really wanted to do, so I felt miserable and sorry for myself. In the end I walked to the mailbox, where I found three magazines, ate a lot of sand that was blowing in the wind and got it in my eyes too. I have to confess to enjoying my magazines a lot, but even the three of them didn't cheer me up.

Then at sunset, I happened to look outside and saw something truly magnificent.
The sky was ablaze
with color and movement.

I have seen amazing cloud formations here many times before, but what I saw last night was something indescribable, spiritual, a gift from nature,
putting all woes into perspective.
I stood there and took pictures, but after a while I put my camera down and let myself get completely absorbed in the beauty of the moment.

By the time I went back in the house, my self-pity was gone, replaced by gratitude for being here and experiencing something this magnificent.


  1. Inger, those are some of the most beautiful pictures that I have seen in a long time. They literally made me gasp. May I have your permission to copy a couple, just to have and enjoy?

    I can see why that sky would wipe all dark thoughts away.

  2. Beautiful, just beautiful. Surely a mood changer! It's funny how a simple thing like the sun going down can make such beauty for us!

  3. Inger, these photos are incredible! I can see why sunset made you feel better about things. You should copyright these. They are very unique. They look like the northern lights...kind of. Have a great weekend.

  4. WOW, beautiful pictures....and you know once in a while we are allowed to feel sorry for ourselves, because nobody else will.

  5. Those are fabulous, the first one of the lenticulars in particular ( hee hee I am a poet)

    I am feeling a little bit sad for myself as well and went for a walk before dinner at a local forest park

    I found Western Coralroot orchids, which I have never seen before

    Made my day, they did.

    There is always something to make you wonder at its specialness. That is the joy of being in love with your environment.

    I hope you continue to have wonderous discoveries

    every day

  6. I was just noticing on one of the other blogs you follow ( Norrskenets) that there is a photo of Lewisia tweedyi. Does it grow native in Sweden? It is a very rare native here

  7. These pictures are spectacular.. breathtaking... it must have been overwhelming to experience these skies! On some of the pictures they look like the Northern Lights... just wow!
    I think we all have days when we just wallow in self pity... and it's ok, as long as we find something that pulls us out of there! And soon:)

  8. Thank you so much for all your comments. Since I only pointed and shot, nature gets all the credit, and Louise, it's OK to copy them.
    Jabacue: thanks for the copyright suggestion -- what a compliment. I really feel that nature did all the work and i just clicked, so i want to share for now.
    Upupaepops: How lovely that you found the orchid. I'll check with my Swedish friend. I'm learning about lenticular clouds and will write a post about them.

  9. Stunning!!! Just stunning!! The colors are breathtaking.
    Sorry you had to eat some sand! Too gritty for my taste! lol
    Mother Nature always amazes me.
    And am very happy you got out of your funky mood. :)

  10. These photos are incredible .... just so beautiful .... you captured it all so beautifully :)

  11. Hej Inger

    Vilka otroliga formationer på himlen helt makalöst , otroligt vilka färger ja det ser nästan ut som norrsken.

    Lewisia Tweddy växer inte vilt här i Sverige utan den får man köpa plantor av eller som jag gjorde fröså.Det är en stor sort av lewisia.
    Jag har flera färger på den jättesmå blommor den heter Pygmea. Och den vanliga sorten som blir rosa om den trivs så frösår den sig rikligt och det har hänt hos mig jag har riktigt många.

    Ha det riktigt gott


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