Saturday, June 5, 2010

Reflections On The Past Five Weeks

I have tried to write here how I feel about this darned accident I had and what I learned from it.
My husband and I agreed it would be best for him to stay in LA with Samson until it's time for me to see the doctor again. Samson is 11 months now and huge, the largest of all the dogs. He comes flying through the air and lands in your lap or jumps on you from behind and does all sorts of puppyish things. All of that terrified me when he was here a few weeks ago. Then he and Soldier got into it a few times, growling and snarling, and they also had some kind of peeing in the house contest going on. Husband and Samson will be here in a week and a half – I miss them a lot, but I know this is best for me. I need my life to be calm and peaceful right now.

What's Great Right Now:
The pain is gone. I have taken no pain medication for three weeks.
My blood sugars are back down to more or less normal. Managing my diabetes has been the most difficult of all. I had no idea how much the trauma would affect it. Very scary!
My brain has adjusted to the one-handed typing, and I'm getting pretty good at it.
I started to walk outside this week, down the road with Princess. I walk a bit further each time and take aim at a fencepost – good they all look different.
I may try for the mailboxes next week -- 1/8 of a mile away. I've never seen this road look so long before!
But it feels so good to be outside again.
I made a casserole. While it was easy to put it into the oven with one hand, it was a bit trickier to get it out, but it worked out OK.
Yesterday I baked on oatmeal cake and used the same technique to get it in and out of the oven.
I don't have a dishwasher here, but I'm doing great washing dishes with one hand. I'm so happy I have these:
My Fiesta Ware that's practically unbreakable and so cheerful too!
Taking a shower is now enjoyable again.

Saving money by not going to the store and picking up this and that.
Saving gas money is OK too.
Being able to clean the dogs' enclosure, rinse it, and rinse the car: Great!

Still Not So Good:
I am very tense, looking down, checking for dogs, being really afraid here.
My hair, overdue to be cut before this happened, it is now out of control long. I don't want to go to the hairdresser. My husband has promised to cut it. We'll see how that works out.
Sweeping the kitchen/dining area floors and using the dustpan. I can vacuum though with no problems.
Tying shoelaces.
Tying any kind of knots.
Putting on socks. I wear my snowboots outside for now. No socks or shoelaces needed for them.
Angel wishes these boots were going somewhere with her in tow.

What I Feel Really Bad About:
It's all about the dogs: I know as I get better, I'll find ways to entertain them and take better care of them, but now…
Look at that face. I feel bad beyond words that I can't walk Soldier or Angel untill I'm well.
Only Princess got the rattlesake vaccine. I would feel so much better if I had been able to take them all.
The dogs and I were having a spa day right before my accident. Princess and Angel got their pedicures, but Soldier, who doesn't like the procedure, did not. With him, I usually do a nail here a claw there before he knows what hit him. They really need to be done so I have to try soon again.
With fire season approaching, I know I will be concerned about getting us all out of here should it come to that. I'm grateful for my neighbor who will help, but I hate to feel so helpless.

Lessons Learned:
If you have pets that you can trip over, always keep a light on at night.
If you like to read, keep some unread books in your bookcase. Here are some I had in mine that read and loved.
Don't be afraid to ask your neighbor if you need something.
Learn to accept the help of others. Difficult for me, but I'm working on it.
Spend your down-time well:
Just kidding!!
Be patient – Change will come.

Thanks again for asking how I'm doing and for checking in on me. It means so much to me.


  1. Good advice about having a nightlight on if you have animals. I couldn't tell you how many times I have bumped into a cat in the hallway at night. I have learned to take small steps and kind of do a sweeping gesture with my feet when it is dark.
    Happy to hear your healing progress is coming along well. You are getting darned good at doing things one handed.
    Soldier looks so comfortable in that pic. Love it! How about paper plates and cups. No washing involved. Hmmmm, but not good for the environment. Hmmmm.
    Love Ya'. xoxo

  2. Inger, good to hear you are coming along. Yes, it takes time and patience. After my accident I had to pace everything for about 3 months at first. Yes, relying on others when you are not used to doing that can be very difficult at first.
    I learned that when participating in potentially dangerous outdoor activities, wear an appropriate helmet.

    But most importantly, I learned that 'things happen for a reason'. I learned so much about myself during the rehabilitation period.
    Hang in there...things will get better every day.

  3. I am sure that it must take you three times as long - to get anything done. It's good that you are thinking so positively about doing your chores! I really don't know what I would do, in your situation. I guess not get things done....
    Sounds like Samson is at that age, just like Jill, only many pounds heavier. Well, a year from now it will just be a memory. (and I know that you can hardly wait)

  4. You are handling this so well and should feel very satisfied with what you have done. You're managing your life, and managing your injury at the same time.

    I can only imagine how impatient you must be to be able to get back to doing things "normally."

    Just continue on the path you are on, and, don't worry too much about the dogs. They live in the now, and will get along quite well. All they need is food, water, a place to pee and plenty of love. You're giving them all of that.

  5. AJ-Oaks: He was in the doorway, I opened the door and just fell. It was so weird. So be careful. Rachael got me plastic cups and paper plates that i use too.

    Jabacue: I'm looking at 3-4 months, or 3 more months. I'm no good in the summer here anyway,too hot for me. But I had great plans for the past 5 weeks. Oh, well. I think one lesson for me is to learn to be patient. Finally!

    Sharon: I get things done, but then i get sooo darned tired. I have to let go of putting pressure on myself to get a lot done in any given day.

  6. Louise: Thanks for your kind words. And you are so right about the dogs -- they live in the now and seem to have adjusted well. I just feel so bad because we truly love our walks together.


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